Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow snow snow snow...

Ah, snow! I thought you might pass us by this year! Silly me, I ought to know better, it always snows in Denmark in February! Like last year when I was safely back in my cozy dorm in New England and missed out on all the fun. I think it was growing up in California, in the low foothills where snow is rare, that instilled me this childish delight in snow. I love to watch it fall. I love to watch it build up on objects transforming them into mysterious shapes. I love to catch it on my tongue... which is harder than it looks, really, I kid you not. Or maybe I'm just tongue deficient.

Anyway, I'm all kinds of happy to be warm and snug in my home wearing a soft and comfy sweater. All I'm missing is a roaring fire (no fireplace here), a cup of hot chocolate (I don't know what that powder stuff is in my cupboard but it is NOT hot chocolate), and a cat.


  1. Oh the snow was lovely today. Too bad it all melted rather quickly too! I have the cat and the hot chocolate, but unfortunately no fireplace.

  2. Hey, we had snow here, too. School was closed on Friday because it actually snowed in Sutter Creek. It was very pretty, and we got to use the four wheel drive. Great fun!!

  3. It's still snowing here! YAY! Even the little snow we have is a huge treat for us!

    Having grown up in California as well my kids have never really seen snow. #2 daughter will scrape frost off of leaves to make "snowballs"!! Ewwww when she trys to eat it though...

  4. I am amazed at all the snow. It supposedly snowed the entire time we were in Paris! I love coming home to a white ground!


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