Saturday, November 03, 2007

Don't leave me hangin'...

Sorry about the delay - threw out my back and have been laying in pain on soft surfaces for a few days.

So, the Danish Boy got an internship at Jyllands-Posten! Yes, that *would* be the newspaper that published the Muhammed cartoons. Apart from its amazing lack of tack, it is a good newspaper and, most importantly, means that I don't have to move to Copenhagen.

Yeah, well, that's where my priorities were. I love where I live, and yes, I would have gone to Copenhagen if I'd had to, but I like it so much better here in Ebeltoft (where the trees have turned wonderful colours - and then lost almost all their leaves to the amazingly strong wind). I get to stay in my nice apartment and we don't have to try and find an affordable closet in which to live.