Friday, September 07, 2007

Cooking and other stuff

Having returned from the Near East, I can tell you not much has happened in the way of wedding plans. We did finally chose a date as well as *GASP* a time. We have a location, a minister, an organist and a saint (who achieved her sainthood upon agreeing to assist in all paperwork matters). That wraps up the ceremony. But the reception... ah, the reception. Then you have to start thinking about guest lists (very easy on my end) and location and food and location and drink and location. And at the end of it, it occurs to you that it would be cheaper to buy a house and hold a BYOB bar-b-que in the backyard.

Meanwhile, certain security elements in certain countries with which the US of A is VERY good friends with and I occasionally excavate in, broke the screen of my laptop, thus rendering it to a very advanced container of data which I cannot see. Which includes my dissertation. BUT, gentle reader(s), BEFORE YOU PANIC, of COURSE I backed up my data on various other media devices before going into that black night (known as Blank Blank Airport). No data has been lost. But a true companion of many a year has been unceremoniously shipped off to befuddle a Mac expert.

Which leads me to the actual title of my post: cooking. As I eagerly await the return of my Mac (or some semblance of said object), I have some time on my hands and I have spent it all cooking.

If you know what is good for you, you will NOT make any jokes about domesticity at this time. I don't clean floors, windows, clothes, I know how to butcher a human being and I bet I can hide what's left somewhere where no archaeologist will ever find it. Okay?

I am not attempting any great cooking plan, other than, "well, that sounds good, I'll try to make that" and then try it out on my ever patient DB. But this has led to some fantastic moments in cooking. I especially like salads. The presentation can be truly stunning and there is something wonderful about fresh veg. I am not yet giving up archaeology for the spoon, but if I ever need another career, I would not mind chef-ing. :-)