Friday, March 09, 2007

Another overheard conversation...

Oh boy, you'd think that a book store would be a great place to overhear people talking about books and that learned conversations would dominate over idiocy, but that was a terrible assumption on my part.

Woman: What does GMT stand for?

Boy 1: I think Greenwich mean time.

Woman: So if it's noon GMT, what time is it in London?

(Some chatter about time zones and how they work. Best guess on time in London: 5 hours earlier. Though in their defense, I think they got confused and were trying to figure out what time it was here if the GMT was noon. In which case it would be correct. But the woman wanted to know what time it was in LONDON.)

Boy 2: It's like how my friend in Argentina is always like one hour ahead, even though it's on the west coast.

Boy 3: No... I don't think that's right. (Long pause) Isn't Argentina on the east coast? The west coast is Peru. Yeah?

(By the way, Argentina is 2 hours ahead, currently.)