Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring arrives

Well its finally here - Spring! It hasn't snowed in a while, in fact, most of the snow has gone away. I say only "most" though because there are still patches lurcking by the motorway. Crocuses have been seen, and in Aarhus the purple and white ones have errupted and formed a beautiful display (carefully planted at some point they have been hiding the entire time I've been in Denmark, so it was quite a surprise to find them). The sun has been getting up earlier and staying up later. Which we'd all go bask in if it wasn't so cold and if it didn't rain too much. Yes, spring in Denmark is wet. And warm in the sense that you can finally go outside without long-underwear and not die. When its sunny it's actually quite pleasant and you can take off the knit cap. But "warm"? Not really. And the trees are not fooled because not a single one has produced buds. So it may snow a bit more, but that's typical of Danish spring, or so I'm told.

Hope the weather is pleasant wherever you happen to be!