Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm not dead...

But Blogger is trying to kill me.

Can't sign in 99% of the time.  Can't read the private blogs because I suddenly don't exist.  Can't leave comments because I don't exist.

What have I been up to the last month?

Changing taps on the sink (oodles more fun when you can't turn off the water running to the sink).  Chasing people out of our tents - honestly people, I FREAKING LIVE HERE AND THATS MY HOME YOU ARE INVADING!  Answering stupid questions, usually "Yes, I live here" and "No, you cannot look into my tent," but the best was the one our computer guy had to answer "Is this the way to Saudi Arabia?"  Um, we're on the north coast of a peninsula.  You have to drive hours in the wrong direction to end up out here.  You have to be unable to read a map SO BADLY that you fail to notice that the signs for the towns you are passing are putting you farther and farther away from where you want to be.  You have to be so stupid that you can't remember the simple fact that the sun ALWAYS rises in the east and sets in the west and therefore north is this way and south is that way and when on a peninsula that rises NORTH out of Saudi Arabia, one must therefore drive SOUTH to reach it.

We've also had the Tour of Qatar bicycle thingy come through.  The women's run started from our car park and the next week we stood on the side of the road to cheer the men as they raced by.  Then we almost got ran over by a truck because he took BOTH HANDS OFF THE WHEEL TO WAVE AT US WHILE GOING AROUND THE BEND.

We've had the boy scouts of the middle east camped in our backyard.

We've continued Adventures in Cooking Over a Campfire.  This weekend we'll be trying to roast a goat.

We've had porto-potties show up, finally.  But they empty out of a pipe shoved under the toilet (and held up to the hole by a rock, no less) just a few feet away from the porto-potty so we've kept the locks on the doors, because yes, the tourists did try to use them when they first arrived, despite the fact that they didn't have the holes for the toilets cut in the floor yet.

We've had something die in the ceiling of the office.  It's raining maggots.  No, really, I mean it.  Maggots were dropping on my desk from above.  Thank god I'm on vacation!

Which brings me to my big announcement of the month - my husband is arriving in... 6 hours!!  I'm taking a couple of days off to enjoy his visit.  He's like, so you'll show me the country, and I'm like, how about the inside of a hotel room, because, let's face it, four months is a really long time.  But we'll have plenty of time to see the country.  It really won't take that long.  This country isn't very large and there isn't much in it.  You realize this when you become The Tourist Attraction of the year.  If my tent is the coolest stuff you've seen in a while and you take a picture of yourself standing outside of it because it is just that darn exciting ("oh look, honey, TENTS!")?  Then, damn, this place is dull.