About Me

I started this blog WAY back in... uh, 2004.  Someday that will sound like A Long Time Ago.  I didn't really know what I was doing or had a plan or anything, which is why it has the goofy name.

Because otherwise I would have called it: theblogthatisallaboutMEAWESOMESAUCE

Okay, so maybe naming this isn't my forté.  At least I don't have to name anything important like a brand new human being...


So there's me, the Archaeogoddess (now complete with delusions of grandeur), the Danish Boy (my husband and not as nearly as normal as you think he is), and the Archaeospawn (or Spawn, our mutually assured destruction child), and Alot (our cat YES, I KNOW THAT'S INCORRECTLY SPELLED, THAT'S THE JOKE).

Over the years (in case you don't want to read all the posts) I've gone from being a graduate student to MASTER of ARCHAEOLOGY, YO!  I've married the DB and began a family.  I gained a cat.  I've had a series of Volvos.  I dig in Israel, Jordan, and Qatar.  This would suggest that I'm a Near Eastern archaeologist, but really I was supposed to be a Roman archaeologist.  Neither of these would really be helpful where I live now, which is Denmark.

Not content with living in one of the smallest countries on the planet, we moved to a small island.  There was a logical reason for this, something about the DB getting a "job," but all I know is that I get sea-sick and so moving to a nautically minded nation was stupid and moving to an island that can only be reached by ferry boat was even dumber and yet I still don't care, I kinda like it here.  We're now moving out to the countryside, because a town with a population of 700 give or take some old people was just Too Busy.

I whinge a lot about Denmark, mostly because while no place is perfect, we should all continue to shoot for it anyway, and DK has room for improvement.  This doesn't mean I hate it here.  If I did, I'd leave, I'm not stupid.  So don't bother to tell me to "go home" because I'm just going to ignore you.  I'm very good at that.  This counts as your only warning.