Monday, March 08, 2010

Boredom leads to mayhem

Just over four months in, with only a few weeks to go, and we're slowly going mad.

Actually, we've probably all been mad for a long time.  I mean, we are *here* after all and we are archaeologists, which requires a good healthy dose of madness to begin with.

But let's just say we are going madder than normal.

Part of this is boredom.  There is not a lot to do 'round here that we haven't done before and that doesn't require a massive amount of effort.

So what did it lead to tonight?

Chat roulette.

There's a website for this, which I'm not going to link to, because you can google it at your own peril.  But it led to an amusing half hour.  During that time most people hit "next" on their page to get away from the waving and shouting archaeologists.  Obviously, people who are looking to chat with random strangers are not interested in meeting us.  Do we really look that crazy?  Okay, maybe the stuffed shiite hawk with the red glowing eyes that we have hooting at the screen is a little odd, but come on, you logged onto a site that hooks you up with random strangers with web-cams... we are not the worst you could get.

We know the worst.

We did have the obligatory penis appearing at one point.  It wasn't OUR penis, thank you very much.  But it goes to show that flashers are everywhere and really like the freedom that the web can give you.  Just think, he managed to flash us in Qatar.  From wherever his mom's basement happens to be!  The power of the web, man.

Then a group of us drove madly to the beach to splash in the water after one of our number called to say that there was phosphorescence a-happening.*  This turned out to be way less spectacular than previous reports had led us to believe... but as the water warms up, we hope for a better show.  Gives us something to look forward to, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, the last few days are upon us and boredom will be punctuated with frantic bouts of intense labor.  Like crating up all of the finds.  Because we finally, after four months, have crates.  One hundred crates.  We expect to use them all in the next day or so and then we'll have to order more.  Sigh.  The other question will be "where do we then store all these crates?" To which I must reply, "I don't know" and "I'm not going to worry about that right now" and "It's not my problem" and "I don't care."  I have other problems, like database malfunctions... or more correctly, Access is being overly helpful and rounding up my data.  Fine, I can handle losing some of the box numbers and having to type that in again, but should it decide to round up the global positioning coordinates of the finds, this will be a serious problem.

But right now, it's late and the most pressing question I have at the moment is: is anyone going to eat that last piece of French toast?  Because I'm totally going to eat it, if no one speaks up.

*I can't seem to do a spell check - but Blogger does tell me if I spell something wrong, so I want you all to be amazed that I spelled phosphorescence correctly.  Eventually, that is.