Thursday, February 05, 2009

Speaking of connectivity...

If you call me, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS FUZZY leave a FREAKIN' message after the FRAKKIN' beep!

Last night we were wrested from our sleep by the phone ringing... at 1:15 AM. Since only Americans will call at that time, either because they are confused about the time difference or because it's an emergency, I leapt out of bed and ran down the hall only to miss the call. Four rings is just not enough to make it out of bed and down the hall, through three closed doors, in the dark, to answer the phone. But this is why we have an answering machine. So that even if I bounce off walls, trying to hit non-existent light switches, fall over empty space, get turned around and grab the printer rather than the phone, and miss your call - I can call you back if it's important!

No, we don't have caller id on the land line. It wouldn't really matter, I'd still be running for the phone in the middle of the night. But, yes, I would then know who to yell at the next day.

So, groggy and completely discombobulated, we debated whether or not it was worth it to try calling everyone we knew who might be trying to reach us in case it was important. These are the things that happen to us when we're tired, we worry and then over think. We checked TWICE to see if a message had been left. Nope. I then checked my cell phone. Not that anyone uses it. *I* don't even use it most of the time. I routinely forget to turn it on or charge it. I only keep it around on the off chance that one day I have an assistant and I need to throw something at her head.

Anyway, we then checked the husband's phone, which is on silent at night because, hey we're sleeping here, and discovered three missed calls. No messages. The phone number was Danish, but not one we recognized.

Were we the victims of drunk dialers or did someone really want to get in touch with us?

Now we were very worried and confused. Or maybe more confused then worried. But very very tired. Eventually we decided that if was a REAL emergency, they would call back. I don't know about the Danish Boy but I had a few sleepless hours as I awaited the next call.

The next call came at 10:15 when I was in the bathroom.


And no, they didn't leave a message.

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