Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm more "obscura camera" than "camera obscura."

It's snowing!! Not a lot, mind you, but still, big white puffy flakes come drifting down onto the balcony and I feel somehow... satisfied with Danish weather.

Moreover, the sun keeps bursting out from time to time to completely blind me and highlight the snowy bits. It's like that scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective when he illustrates the soundproof door. Door opens and you hear "Aaaaaaaaaaaah," door closes and silence. The sun comes out and Denmark sings "Aaaaaaaaaah," and then suddenly falls silent... until... right after you turn your light back on.... "Aaaaaaaaah!"

I really wish I was a camera person. I mean, I could probably go get the camera and wander outside and take some pictures. But while I can take great pictures of architectural elements close up, in good light, when I'm thinking about it, I am not good with the sweeping vistas. I'm also just not the kind of person who takes pictures. I will wander around holding a camera, looking at all kinds of wonderful things, and not take a single shot.

While we were in Copenhagen I also wished I was a camera person, because the architecture of Copenhagen is one of the most overlooked aspects of the city, I think. Much is made of Tivoli and certain famous buildings, like the round tower, but I find the best architecture is hidden on little streets, just out of sight. You turn the corner and BAM there is another example of this strange brick-built neo-gothic like structure. I don't have the correct names for the different styles and I certainly cannot date the buildings, but I like them. Almost all of Denmark is build of brick (no wonder Legos come from here) - but back in the days of yore, they used the brick to make little details, patterns, extra bits with no particular function other than decoration. I think it's utterly fantastic and I enjoy being driven through Copenhagen so that I can look UP at the buildings. (Obviously I can't look if I'm driving and if I'm walking, I really need to watch my step, klutz that I am, so I don't get to look up much either.)

Århus has completely different architecture. More timber frame and what I call "Georgian" although it can't be Georgian because that's only in Britain, where they had several King Georges. Less neo-gothic. Although, for all I know, the buildings in Copenhagen ARE original gothic.

Next time I go to Copenhagen, could someone PLEASE remind me to take a camera?

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