Saturday, February 14, 2009

Other names for "domestic"

A good friend of mine emailed the following list to me. And I just about spit coffee everywhere! So, I do feel I ought to share this list of names that one may use instead of say house wife...

Domicile Goddess
House Diva
Abode Warrior ( mostly for cleaning not cooking)
Bringer of hot food and sparkly home
Domus Frau
Lucious and lovely lady of light and joy
familial harmonizer
conjugal facilitator ( maybe not that one it sounds like a pimp)
Domestic Dominatrix ( hard to be broken when you have the whip, it
should also appeal to your Indiana Jones side)
hearth keeper ( appealing to your Roman side)
Maker of the bread, Kneader of the dough ( to appeal to your northern
European medieval side)

I'm really leading towards domestic dominatrix. X-D

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  1. Hi there,
    Wow, how is it that I hadnt come across your blog until now?! I live in Aarhus as well and currently doing a Ph.d in History at the university here. I'll be sure to put this webpage on my blogroll so I can be a regular visitor. Loved reading through the history of posts so far!


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