Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why the Danish Royal Family rocks...

Okay, so it wasn't the funniest of CNN reports, but everyone was fine and another nut who thinks he can make stupid jokes about bombs on planes is safely locked up. Do you think that as they dragged him away he was trying to explain "Danish humor" to his we-aren't-laughing Danish security officers?

Danish humor is not "funny-ha-ha" but "were-you-dropped-on-your-head-at-birth" kind of humor. By the way, after hearing a particularly bad Danish joke, asking "were you dropped on your head at birth?" is an excellent repartee and your skills at Danish humor will be considered finely tuned. Because being dropped on your head at birth is considered funny in Denmark.

Anyway, the point of this post, although it is pretty pointless, now that I think of it, is that what jumped out at me from this article was that the crown prince and crown princess were flying for an official trip to Washington on a commercial flight. Yeah, probably first class, but still, commercial, not private jet.

The Danish royal family has more sense than American automakers. It's not that big of a surprise, but then remember just over 200 years ago America decided it couldn't be governed by a king who talked to trees, but the rest of England was, like, whatever man, we'll just lock him up and wait for him to die, what's the big deal?* Royalty and sanity are not always bedfellows.

*yes, I am aware that the American revolution had little to do with George's preoccupation with tree conversations and mostly to do with what they saw as unfair taxation without adequate representation in Parliament and that if it hadn't been for the Regency, England would have suffered greatly for lack of a sane king and it was in fact a very big deal at the time.


  1. The Danish royal family has more sense than American automakers. Love that phrase. You should send it to the Obama administration. Yes, I'm surprised they were flying commercial, but obviously not in coach. Great post.

  2. It really doesn't surprise me at all! Being married to a Dane and having lived in Denmark...I have found that Danes are very practical.

    One time when I was flying to Denmark, I sat next to a member of the Danish parliament. In coach! We had a good time talking about stuff, he gave me his business card, which I still have. I just remember thinking that I would never, ever get a chance to sit next to an American senator or congressman for 8+ hours and discuss politics.

  3. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with this!! And if the Dixie Chicks ever come to DK, I will tell my fellow Texans that I, too, was embarrassed to admit where W came from!

    And btw, love it that the Archaeogoddess says the royal family ROCKS!!!!


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