Sunday, March 01, 2009

Well, that sucked...

Suddenly, without ANY warning whatsoever I was attacked by some sort of malaise. Usually my malaises are induced by things like lethargy and ennui, but this one was physical in nature, it itched. And not in a "I want to fly to Fiji" kind of itch. Or a seven-year itch. But as in a "oh my God are there FLEAS in here??" kind of itch.

There are no pets in this apartment.


But also no pets in the apartments underneath this one. And as far as I can tell there were no fleas on me. Which cannot explain why just now I ran down the hallway, stripping as I went, and dove into the shower.

There are no tell-tale bites. No bumps of any kind, like hives, or a rash or anything. I have lovely looking skin, without a blemish. (As long as we are not looking at my face. I really need to stop eating all the salami and dipping my bread in olive oil.)

What was it?

Personally, I think I'm developing an allergy to French.

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