Sunday, March 01, 2009

Speaking of EU policy


Wow, it's like narcolepsy!

Anyway, reading the Copenhagen Post, there was this gem of an article.

Here's the main point:
During talks at the EU Commission in Brussels yesterday over the Metock ruling - which allows non-EU spouses of EU member country citizens to obtain residence permits without having previously lived in an EU country - the integration minister reiterated the Liberal-Conservative government’s wish to repeal the ruling’s conditions.

The short of it (and it's pretty short) is that Denmark doesn't want to give non-EU spouses (married to EU citizens) residency unless you have lived together legally in another EU country. It's one of those "um, whut?" sort of decisions that make you wonder what passes for intelligence in the Government these days. We ran across this when I was applying for residency. For about two weeks we wondered if we'd have to move to Sweden just to fulfill this requirement.

Why not just make the law "no non-EU spouse will be given residency unless you can say rødgrød med fløde three times fast."

On a related tangent: Because I know several Poles, I know some really random Polish words. I can't spell them, but I know of few. The Poles think it's very funny to hear us try to say Polish words. Until, that is, we gave them the word "indubitably." It happens to be one of my favorite words, because it feels good in the mouth. But Danes don't have trouble with this word. I've been wracking my brains (both the one in my head and Abby Normal's which I keep in my sock drawer) to find something. Then, at the end of this video - it appears! Ask your Dane to say "the squirrel is in the refrigerator" tonight and see if it works. Oh, and let me know if you know anything that might trip up the Danish tongue.

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  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I often challenged my boyfriend to sound the rolling R and say something in my language accordingly. He's hopelessly suck at it. I did it as a revenge of course because as a front R roller, Danish R is like a nightmare for me


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