Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brain Melt

My brain is melting. That or the hamsters have been partying a little hard lately. The bastards didn't even invite me, ungrateful wretches.

Yesterday when my husband came home, he pulled an apple from his bag and I exclaimed, "Oh, you had the last egg!"


I went to a academic paper yesterday and had a very hard time understanding what was going on. My notes look like a crazy person was trying to take notation. I wrote "the wall was put up in 275" instead of "wall built 275" which would have made it a lot easier to keep up with the rest of the paper. I wasted time trying to remember how to spell Constantine rather than writing "Const" which is my normal modus operandi. (Hey! I remembered "modus operandi!")

I've been staring at my conclusion for a while now and managed to only get one sentence out. I think it might be a keeper, but I'll probably have to wait until Monday to check. I know my other chapters make sense because I remember reading them a while ago and they did, but trying to read and summarize them now is like trying to put frosting on a cake with your bare hands. Only less fun and without the excitement at the end of having something tasty you can eat.

Did that sentence make sense to you?

My nose is sorta stuffy and I think my glands are swollen. If this is a cold, I'm going to cry.

Sounds like it's time for tea.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM


    Hang on there. Make some tea or treat yourself a bucket of the finest icecream that can be bought in Irma :) and cool down. Maybe things would start making sense again

  2. Jump in the shower - it will help you think straight. At least, it usually works for me!

  3. Relax. Take a deep breath. Do some yoga if necessary. Take a nap! Just return to the work in a zen like state of mind. Fashion yourself as a Greek goddess bestowing your wealth of knowledge and aptitude upon the oh so unworthy words that have to hold your reservoir of intelligence.

  4. The funny thing is....I really miss college and would love to be able to go back full time again for my MS. I have a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and an Associates in Mathematics. I miss all the last-minute freaking out over research papers and exams.


    Hugs to you!!


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