Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lars: And in weather news...Lena?

Lena: Thanks Lars! The continuing struggle, known as "Winter v. Spring" here on Danish Network News, took a rather nasty turn during the last 36 hours. What started out a "cat fight" - mostly yowling and hissing, although some spitting was observed- as Winter slowly gave way to Spring, has erupted into... well, Lars, what can only be termed a "cat"-agory 5 fight, as howling winds, snow storms, and intense sunshine kept the inhabitants of Århus pulling on and then pulling off their stylish Salling sweaters! The sudden and inexplicable snowstorm of yesterday, which lasted all of five minutes, was thought to be a one-off. However, today we've had reports of numerous snow showers, some have even called them "blizzards," dumping snow in and around Århus every few hours. These storms are sudden and very short. No sooner have you struggled into your jacket than the skies clear and an amazingly intense sun not only melts the snow, it evaporates it! Those trying to catch some rays should beware, strong cold winds have been reported, leaping over buildings and into courtyards, bringing branches and small children. Watch your heads, folks!

Lars: So Lena, what do you suggest for the residents?

Lena: Well, Lars, I think it's pretty clear that you should keep your children inside. We don't want them blowing to Odense! But I think we can safely say that Winter isn't going to give up without a fight!

Ole: Can you tell us when we should stop wearing our winter jackets?

Lena: Oh Ole, you know that around here we just decide one day to stop. En masse. All at once. Didn't you get the secret Danish memo? That's why we're all freezing our butts off. We put away our winter jackets last week and we can't get the out again until October. It's the Law.

Ole: Oh, okay, but when will spring be coming?

Lars: Ole, you are a riot today, did your wife put bad rejer on your rugbrød in your madlingspake?

Lena: Ole, we may never get warm or dry weather, but when the tree in the Archaeogoddess's yard begins to sprout buds, it's usually a sign that we won't have any more snow for a few months. That's how we tell the seasons on DNN!

Lars: And has it Lena? Has it started to sprout??

Lena: Not yet, I'll keep you posted! But that's it for weather news today. Back to you Lars!

Lars: Thank you Lena! In other news....

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  1. As I said the other day - holy snowballs - that wasn't snow coming down, it was big massive snowballs being pelted at us from heaven. And yep, within 20 min - all gone!


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