Sunday, March 01, 2009

My husband the blogging neophyte

My husband JUST PUBLISHED his FIRST blog post. He got himself mixed up in this EU blogging thing that I don't quite understand... probably because my mind starts to wander when anyone, even the man I love, begins to talk about EU policy blogging.

Give me funny stories about cats. I'll pay a lot more attention to funny cats.

Anyway, I had to walk him through some of the basics. "The title of your post goes here" and "Use the right click on your mouse to get spelling suggestions" and "the blog is just auto-saving a draft, don't worry, it hasn't published it yet." Unfortunately he is working in WordPress and I've never blogged there - although the people who do have LOVELY blogs - and so I was a bit confused. It's also this group blog thing, so there are all these other posts and tags and all kinds of things wandering around on the site.

So it may be a bit stiff (it reads like he wants it to: an online news article), but I'm so proud of him for actually sitting down and doing it. Someday I may teach him to embed links.

Someday he might actually read this blog.



*phew* That was close.

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  1. I was wondering when his "blogging conference" skills would get put to use!!! :o) And I am still trying to figure out how I can go to one of those!!! LOL


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