Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pet adoption

I am all for pet adoption.  But you will probably never find me in a shelter looking for a pet.  There are two reasons behind this.

1) I will take every single furry body home with me, regardless of age, sex, political association and whether or not I can afford it.  I'm a total sucker for animals.  Ask me about my soul crushing experience working in a pet store and I'll tell you about how I ended up with a pet ferret who was deaf.  I still miss his fuzzbutt.

2) Pets find me.

Yeah, I think we may have been adopted by Alot.  We didn't really object - heck we bought cat food so we'd have something to give him as a treat (seeing as he's going to drink us out of milk, the hairball).  He likes to come over in the early morning and if my husband is up, he'll let Alot in.  He'll feed the cat and talk to him and play with him until I get up and then it's my turn and somehow I get left with chucking the cat out into the rain before I go to school.  There seem to be no hard feelings, however, because the cat often returns in the evening for more food and love and a place on the couch to sleep while we watch a movie or a TV show.  Sometimes he goes out by himself and sometimes big, mean, Archaeogoddess has to chuck him out the door while sweet innocent Danish Boy looks sad and apologetic.

I still can't imagine that he doesn't have another home.  After all, when the weather is really awful we aren't visited by Alot all that much.  If we were his only refuge, he'd be howling at the door when it rained.

But I think we are holding a close second.

Today he turned up early and instead of only wanting a little bit of milk before laying down on the couch for a nap, he ate 2/3 of a large can of cat food.  He then slept for several hours in a variety of locations, the last being the box of paper we have for the fire, before deciding to go back out in the world to do whatever it is he does when he's not here.

Probably kill birds and roll around in their blood.

I just hope he cleans himself up before he comes back tonight.  Cleaning blood off of a cat is not my favorite meal-time activities.  But you have to do it, right?  I mean, what if he was injured?!  You have to check these things!  It's only after you've parted matted hair and gotten the clotted blood out from between the toes of a loudly purring cat can you start admonishing him on his behavior.

Yeah, the Danish Boy is a sucker for Alot, and so am I.


  1. Seeing how you react to homeless pets says a lot (no pun intended) about the size of your heart...
    and yours, my friend, is the biggest kind of all! ;-) Lucky kitty!

  2. awww, he's cute :)

    Our third cat adopted us - poor thing had been abused and abandoned, and decided to follow me home one day. He knew a sucker when he saw one lol And yes, the DB I have is very much a softie as well when it comes to our zoo lol

  3. I enjoy your blog. Sorry the first time I'm posting is to ask you to research cats and milk. In my experience milk gives them bad tummies and is not good for them.

    Enjoy some of those purrs for me!

  4. *shakes fist at computer* Damn you blogger - let me comment on my own damn blog!

    @ C. - Thanks for the links, and no worries, I know about cats and milk. He has been getting two tablespoons and that's it. We'll not be doing that so often now that he keeps showing up ever freaking night! He's also now getting dry food with his wet, because it's better for his teeth and waistline.

  5. Oh good. I just didn't want him to get sick and you not know it because he probably goes outdoors and you'd not know if he was sick.

    Next life I think I want to come back as a cat who owns a human that pampers them.

  6. This reminds me so much of my parents. They were in Tennessee last week on vacation, and a few cats "adopted" them for the week. When they got to the cabin and saw the cats, they immediately went out and bought cat food and toys.

    We are a family of animal-lovers, which is why we volunteer at the animal shelter. And believe me, it is SO HARD not to bring them all home! Emma cries whenever one gets adopted, but we tell her the animals are going to a good home.

    I sometimes love animals more than people.


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