Thursday, July 08, 2010

Julius Reubke totally took the Tardis to the 24th century!

Quick "Geek Test" - Choose the following that best fits your thoughts after reading the title of this post:
B) Gotta wiki Reubke
C) I understand that Reubke was ahead of his time, but what, pray tell, is a "Tardis"?
D) Dude I *so* know!

If you answered A, congratulations, you are a normal human being and I commend you for living, what is for many, a completely normal life.  On the other hand, it may be a bit dull as you are missing a great deal of pop-culture and classical artistry.  You have earned no cool points.  It is likely that you are completely divorced from the period in which you live.  If you counter this argument by pointing out you watch "The Hills" regularly, you loose 100 cool points.  You may give yourself one cool point if you have ever participated in a Glee sing-along.  You may award yourself 10 cool points if you participated in a Glee sing-along without knowing it was a Glee sing-along, but just because you simply could not help breaking into spontaneous song and dance.  The AG recommends a steady dose of Blackadder and Star Wars (Episodes 4, 5 and 6 - ask a Geek for help on this matter) to rectify your deficient cultural awareness.

If you answered B, congratulations, we are probably friends.  Very likely close friends.  You are also a total geek.  One hundred cool points to you!  Give yourself an extra 10 points if you have ever argued with someone over the continuity of the Terminator movies.  Give yourself 5 more points for every time you used the terms "space-time," "continuum," and "chaos theory."

If you answered C, congratulations, welcome to the internet.  It is a strange place and I think you may have become lost at the Google.  The Google is the starting point for all searches on the Internet and it has become both a noun and a verb as well as a place name and probably some poor child's Christian name.  We use "google" to refer to any search from any web-host, including Yahoo.  I doubt Yahoo likes this very much.  If you came to this web-site via Netscape, you may have fallen through a hole in the space-time continuum and I beg you to return... and buy me stock in Google and Apple.  When we meet again in the time line, I will award you 50 cool points.

If you answered D, congratulations, you are my new partner in Trivial Pursuit.  How random are you, anyway?  I'm not sure if I should be awarding you cool points or be kinda creeped out.  Unless you are a classical music enthusiast with a penchant for sci-fi, I am a bit concerned that you may have followed me to the organ concert last night.  It was a pretty awesome concert though, am I right?  I mean, how often do you get a free, intimate organ concert by Denmark's top organist?  The guy plays at the Copenhagen Cathedral!  For the Mo-Fo Queen!  He totally rocked the Bach and Hayden!  And the Reubke - I'd never heard of the guy before, but was that one messed up dude or what?  I mean, who the hell writes a sonata for the 94 psalm?  But did you see an epic space battle when you closed your eyes?  It was like someone gave John Williams downers and put him in front of an organ.  Totally awesome!  I award us both a million cool points.


  1. I have 0 cool points.

    Do I want to know what that makes me? Other than Totally Uncool?

  2. i know what a tardis is!!

  3. Dammit, since I answered A does that mean I'm going to be replaced as your best friend. Because in my defense, you don't have to explain nintendos to me, nor the concept and awarding of cool points....

  4. Did you just verb "wiki" ?

  5. No worries everyone, my husband also ended up with 0 cool points and I still love him. I've never gotten him to sit down for Dr. Who, but he has seen all the Star Wars movies (I think he wants 14 hours of his life back, but we all make sacrifices in marriage) and the newest Star Trek movie.

    Laura, we will start you on an IV and send C to her dad's. You have about 20 years worth of TV to catch up on. And where the hell were you while John and I were geeking out about the daleks?

    Garkbit - I *totally* verbed wiki.

  6. I got some points - but only for the Glee sing-along bit!


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