Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Conversations With My Husband or Why Facebook Saved Our Marriage

AG: Our anniversary is on Monday.
DB: I know.
AG: Facebook told me so.
DB: I thought it might have.


  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Ahahahaha, I know this one. Last year we had completely forgotten about our anniversary - actually forgot which date it was, until my MIL called to say congrats. Year before that, same thing, but it was our good friend who sent a text msg with a congrats. Otherwise, we couldn't care less.

  2. LOL I'm just thankful it reminds me of birthdays!

  3. ROFL! This is GREAT!! Now if he forgets on the real day, he has NO LEG TO STAND ON!

  4. @ Kelli - he's not the one who's going to forget. I, on the other hand, need Facebook to remind me when my own birthday is. We have the date of our wedding engraved on the inside of our wedding rings and I'm the one who has to take it off to double check when people ask me how many years we've been married.

    I joke it's because, as an archaeologist, I deal in centuries, not specific dates.

  5. I had our wedding date inscribed on the inside of Sverre's ring. He did not return the favor. Therefore, it is not my fault if I forget our anniversary.

  6. O my god, I am sorry I haven't commented for so long. I have loads to catch up on. Ring me if you need me. xxxx

  7. My husband and I both forgot our 10th anniversary and just recently forgot our 12th. For our 10th, we had the rather valid excuse that I'd just had our third son 15 days before. Our 12th, well, don't know what to say on that one!


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