Saturday, September 12, 2009

Updates and things

Boy it's been a while! I managed to post a quiz and I've run around commenting on some blogs, but otherwise it's been all anxiety, highs, and lows in the archaeogoddess universe. I've written about a gazillion blog posts in my head... often at 2 am when I trying to get myself to sleep and I'm too tired to get up and write them down, but it doesn't keep the brain from type type typing away behind my sandpaper eyes.

  • I am going to Qatar for 5 months, beginning Oct. 31st for a PAID archaeology gig. This is excellent because I need the money and I need to start building a career, neither of which is happening because I spend all my time researching for a never-ending dissertation. (See below)
  • Because I'm going off to work and contribute to the mortgage, my advisors on my dissertation don't think I'll finish any time soon. In fact, they've suggested that I've got so much work to do that I should go live in the library. Somehow I've got to balance Danish class with research. Somethings going to give. I wonder if I can take a break from Danish not just for the time I'll be out of the country, but also now that I need those extra hours every day....
  • Suggestions from my advisors have included the following vague and scary bits: " may need to change the title of your dissertation and your focus." Since the title is a very exact description of what I am doing, not a nice vague sexy title with jargon, I am very worried. Focus... eh, I knew that was coming. Like I ever had a chance to write an anthropological dissertation when I've got art historians for readers! And they are all asking me to dump the economic section and I want to scream "I TOLD YOU IT WAS F**KING POINTLESS YOU STUPID NAVEL GAZERS! BUT OH NO YOU KEPT QUOTING BILL CLINTON AT ME 'it's the economy, stupid' AND I TOLD YOU IT DIDN'T WORK BUT YOU SAID 'I'M THE PERSON WHO KNOWS THINGS AND I SAY YOU DO THIS' AND SO I DID AND NOW YOU ARE ALL PRETENDING LIKE IT WAS ALL ME WHO'S BEEN FORCING THIS POINTLESS SECTION FORWARD!!" But that's why I blog this stuff. So I don't end up killing little old men.
Things done:
  • The laundry.
  • The Twilight series from start to finish in a little over two days. Heh.
  • A haircut.

Things left undone:
  • Knitting. I've got to start knitting while watching tv. I should watch more tv.

Evidence of love in an increasingly cold world:
  • My birthday was a few days ago and my husband, who has been in Holland since the last week of August, had bought my birthday present and hid it in his sock drawer before he left. He called and told me where it was so I would have a present from him on my birthday (well, actually a day late since I was out with friends on my birthday and nowhere near the sock drawer). He rocks my world, that man.
  • Say what you will about Facebook, getting happy birthday wishes from people you know from all over the world is fan-freakin'-tastic. Having people checking up on you from time to time to make sure you haven't gone crazy or dropped into a spiral of depression = awesome!

Completely random crap from my head:
  • I finally figured out how to make pre-made frozen pan-fried spring rolls that don't suck. Fry them in oil. I think my husband burns them in butter. Ugh. I love him dearly, but WTF? Then they are all soft and mushy on the outside, completely lacking in the crunch that one needs. And I bought kick ass sweet chili sauce that I would drink if I could. Instead I'm just putting it on everything. Oh, and if you are going to drop frozen spring rolls into hot oil... hold the lid of the pan like a shield in front of you and have a pair of long handled tongs to reach around to flip them. Because ice meets hot oil is a terrible thing. Why some idiot thought that it would be a good idea to make frozen spring rolls that must be fried is beyond me. Obviously someone who doesn't cook at home.
  • Going to Qatar means Projekt Dejlig will require some alterations. No American Thanksgiving at my place. Sorry!! I figured by this late in the year there'd be no way we were going to be leaving before December, but I figured wrong. Well, that frozen pumpkin mash will still be good for a non-Thanksgiving pie, right? Also means severe cuts in Christmassing. I'll get a Christmas vacation, but it's not going to be the overthetop extravaganza I was fantasizing about. But finally, after all these years, I am going to be a real, paid, archaeologist.


  1. A real paid dig - and in Qatar too! Now that really is wonderful news!

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    #1 reason to knit is indeed that one can watch tv with a good conscience - because you're being productive dammit!

    Wow, sounds great with the Qatar gig! Will your husband be home by then?!

  3. The Qatar gig is fantastic news--congratulations!

    What a sweet husband you have.

    Good luck with dumping Danish.

    Oh, and what's your facebook address? May I add you? I am

  4. Congrats on the Qatar dig!! And you have a great husband to surprise you with a treasure hunt dig... and how cute that you weren't near the location to begin the immediate dig. This was a great blog post... hope you had a great bday and congrats again! :-)

  5. Is this your first trip to Qatar? It gets kinda cold there, believe it or not. Or at least 80 feels cold after days and nights over 100. let us know if Cholesterol Corner is still hopping. Make sure to hit the mall, I heard it was really good!

    I spent three months in Qatar in a tent city. Blah. The sand storms sucked, especially at 2 am when one needs to do the hoppy-pee dance all the way to the ridiculously far away bathrooms.

  6. Anonymous8:22 PM

    great news! Looking forward to reading your stories about Qatar later :)

  7. Yay! That sounds amazing.

    I recommend the netdansk system if you can't put Danish lessons on hold until you are less busy. It seems pretty snazzy.

  8. That is really nice for you xx

  9. Good, glad that came off. Envy you. Will the climate be reasonable in the winter?

  10. Oh that is absolutely brilliant! I'm sure you did a celebration dance. Qatar will just change Projekt Dejlig a little bit, so you leave some stuff out (goodbye, Pumpkin Pie) and add something else (hello to packing socks-that-won't-remain-this-white)
    What will you be digging for in Qatar?
    //Tine, AAR

  11. Congratulations! :) That's a great way to get the career going.

    Those Twilight books are hard to put down once started, aren't they lol Not the world's greatest literature but rather like a bag of m&m's - hard to stop with just one.

  12. Qatar, wow!

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, several dozen dunams of Mediterranean Woodland burned down, including old old olive trees. But you know what I'm thinking, right? ;) An archaeologist's dream, to have all this land uncovered for the first time in centuries. I'm going out to prowl with the trowel. Shhh


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