Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do you think I need a doctor's note?

So I've got this job in Qatar, which will whisk me out of the country on October 31st and keep me gainfully employed until the end of March. I also have a dissertation to complete... which alas, according to my readers is NOWHERE NEAR COMPLETION. Thanks, guys, thanks a lot. I have a chapter for a book due October 1st. I also have Danish class.

I think Danish class is going to have to go. For the time being.

If I'm supposed to spend every waking moment at the library, which SOME people think I ought, then I can't very well spend my mornings in Danish. Especially if I want to spend more than just a few hours in the library, since it closes and they kick people out. Unless I go to the other library, but then I do want to be able to go home and eat and sleep and stuff.

And why do I have to spend all this time in the library anyway? I can't eat in there. I can't talk to myself or print out articles I'm interested in, I can't go on-line because the stupid internets is blocked (gotta talk to the secretary about that), and I get annoyed with other people making noise. I'm the only one allowed to make noise!!

So I have to quit Danish to spend time in a library, which I do not want to do, because it is not as fruitful as some professors imagine in order to finish a dissertation that has quickly spun out of control and is no longer the least bit interesting to me, having veered off into art history which was something I never got a degree in, not liking it all that much and all, and continues to evolve into a larger more horrible beast than ever discussed years ago when I took on this madness.

Yup, I'm miserable and depressed. I think I'm over my cold, for the most part, but the throbbing pain between my shoulder blades refuses to let up. Is that you, Stress? I thought as much.

Anyway, I made my decision to drop Danish AFTER I'd bought plane tickets to see my husband. Vacation was originally planed around my Danish vacation time, which now seems a bit silly. BUT on the other hand, it's also Århus University vacation, so library hours will be shortened and I should be able to get a week away from the library RIGHT?? I'll be taking my crap with me, so it's not like a proper vacation, but I don't have time for that stuff. I'll probably end up in a library in Holland anyway.

I'm so sick and tired of this crap. I've been working for years on this thing and any time I think I get close to being done, there comes an email saying "no, you just need to change ALL OF IT to WHAT I'M INTERESTED IN and THEN it'll be okay."

It's really hard to listen to people saying "stick with it, it'll be done soon" when it won't be soon. No, I'm not stopping and dropping out YET. I've got to see what is wanted NOW for this demonic document first.

Gah, I should have dropped out five years ago when it all started going wrong. I could have learned Danish and been half way to a degree in veterinary medicine by now. Now I don't even have time to learn frekking Danish!!


  1. I can teach you how to pronounce græskartærte if you like? :-)
    /Tine, Århus

  2. It will be worth it, I hear that this sticky bit is in every large project like a dissertation or a thesis etc. Just keep going! < / cheerleader>

  3. maybe we should study together once in a while- help you keep your spirits up.

  4. It's at times like these you wish you had the power to stay "stuff it" to everyone with an opinion on the content of your dissertation. At least, if I were even remotely in your shoes I'd wish I could do that. That sucks, dude.

  5. first of all...congrats about Qatar! This sounds like an amazing adventure!

    And I totally understand your dilemma... except the thing I keep pushing to the back burner is my dissertation! I am SOOO unmotivated and just want it to write itself! LOL Ain´t happening...

    Keep can do this! And if you have to quit the sprog school maybe you guys can speak Danish at home as your lessons?!

  6. Congratulations on the job! Sounds like so much fun. Abotu the thesis and danish, let me just say I am staying away from any kind of education now.


  7. Eh, stuff Danish class. You don't have much time left until you leave, and I believe there are more important things you should be doing, such as spooning with your husband, seeing friends, writing a bit, washing your combs, etc. etc.

  8. I am very jealous right now....5 months in Qatar? Digging for old stuff?? How cool is that!

  9. Ugh...that dissertation of yours has ME frustrated and I'm not involved in any way. It seems like maybe your dissertation readers are in some sick conspiracy (maybe with the icky ex?) to drive you insane.

    What's the internet situation going to be like in Qatar?

  10. Dropping the Danish sounds like a good idea. You'll have plenty of time to pick it up again after you've finished your dissertation and are spending the obligatory year-to-eighteen-months unemployed.

    Just joking, ok?


  11. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Ah dissertation woes. But: You can always change readers, advisors, even at the last second. Most places want you to finish more than they want the faculty to be happy.

  12. Wow - your plate is full. Good luck with everything, but don't get burnt out. You can always take up Danish later on...


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