Thursday, September 03, 2009

My own projekt dejlig

Projekt Dejlig was started by another expat living and working in Denmark. It pretty much focuses on doing things to make the time you are here happier and better than it currently is.

There are no rules for projekt dejlig, because things that make you happy vary from person to person.

So anyway, I was reading through the blogs as I do, now that I've run out of images to sort and organize and I really need to get my butt up the hill to the library but once again today is NOT that day, and I saw on Moving at the Speed of Life some pictures of the Minnesota State Fair. And can I tell you what sort of homesickness that caused? Wait, why am I asking, it's MY FREAKIN' BLOG!

***CORRECTION: Not "Moving at the Speed of Life" but Melissa Barrett, seeing at Jacki lives in VIRGINIA! How embarrassing! Thanks Jacki for pointing out that I am completely insane!***

Okay, I don't come from MN, though I have relatives that live there. But really, American state fairs and many county fairs are really similar. Take the arts and crafts barn/building/tent. You will find some really nice stuff and some stuff where you think to yourself "An Obama portrait made of BEANS?? I hope they've hospitalized this poor woman and the neighbor is feeding her cats, 'cause WHOA!" And I'm looking at these pictures and, since I'm a very imaginative person, I completely lose myself in the memory of county fairs and summer in California and I can TASTE the ice cream and FEEL the hot nights when you pray for a breeze and I can even HEAR the dogs barking at the cats. (Wait, that's the neighbor downstairs walking the pomeranians.) And this wave of homesickness washed over me. It's also a wave of nostalgia, because now if I went to the county fair I'd be worried I'd run into my ex and his family, since at least one cousin will be entering a cow or a pig and so spend my time ducking around corners, not sitting on benches, kicking my heels in the dust and wondering if I should spend my last tickets on the ferris wheel or the graviton.

Feeling rather maudlin, I wandered next to the blog of the original inventor of Projekt Dejlig and realized that, yes, Virginia, it really is September and that means Fall and then the march to Christmas! And this is one of my favorite times of the year, because APPLES and CHRISTMAS! Every year I have great goals to really whip out a fantastic Christmas (last year's dinner for two rocked, but was slightly marred by the fact that we still had two of the former horrible tenants living with us and the house was a wreck and my Dane was driving the taxi that night and we'd not gotten each other presents because we really couldn't afford it and I couldn't go home and visit my family) and there's always something to sort of keep it from happening. Like a dissertation. Or work. Or Christmas suddenly sneaking up on me. I am LOUSY at sending out cards and I am ALWAYS putting off shopping until the last minute (even though I do love to buy people presents, I just never get around to it).

So my projekt dejlig for the moment is to have a hygge fall. Not necessarily a Danish hygge fall, but my own Americana version of it. Apple pie, apple cakes, applesauce. Big bulky scarves. Weird rain boots. (I need to get a pair of weird rain boots, but that's all part of the projekt.) Wool hats and mittens. If I do not suddenly hear that I'm going to Qatar for a dig, I will invite everyone to a Thanksgiving meal, American style with SWEET POTATOES WITH MARSHMALLOWS and an oversized turkey to feed twenty. The Christmas season will then commence and I am going to celebrate the hell out of it. Christmas music until I'm sick. Eggnog until I get e. coli or whatever is in raw egg. Mulled wine!! And I'm going to wear a Santa hat at inappropriate locations. (Adds to list: buy santa hat.)

In other news:

As you can see, this is my progress. Despite my best attempts, it has decided that it is 10 stitches across, not eight. I try to narrow it back down and then the next row, there they are: 10 stitches! Since it gets lumpy every time I try to fix it and since it seems intent on being 10 no matter what, I've decided to give in to it's wants. I've also decided it is NOT a bookmark, it is a scarf for my penguin. It'll match her little hat that's stitched onto her head. And since this is the nicer wool, it will feel soft when we cuddle (whut? why are you looking at me funny?).

And now I'm off to read Calvin and Hobbs in Danish to a friend. I sorta missed Danish class today as I was rocking out to the 90's until late last night and it hurt so bad this morning! I think I'm getting old.


  1. I miss those county fairs :( I love all the crafty stuff and baking stuff . . . my mom always said I'd make a great farmer's wife lol I've found an orchard near us where you can pick your own apples and I'm planning to take my son. I used to do it all the time back home and really miss it. You missed apple crisp on your list - I'm also going to try my hand at some apple butter this year. Oh and cider donuts (there goes the diet).

    If you're anywhere near Taastrup, you're welcome to join us on our apple jaunt - just bring a bike and some bags. :)

  2. The first rule of Projekt Dejlig is you do not ask questions about Projekt Dejlig! That is an awesome scarf. I think you made extra stitches at the start of the rows, sometimes it looks like there is an extra loop. I'll show you on Thursday next :)

  3. Thanksgiving Dinner! Sounds awesome!

  4. Thanksgiving Dinner sounds awesome indeed!

    Psst: Heather! Can you make it into Copenhagen for tomorrow night's meet up with Kel?

  5. I wish I could but my inlaws are coming in for a visit for hubs' birthday. My mother-in-law will be cooking him his birthday dinner 'cause I just refuse to even go near it - he likes fried eel *gags*

  6. Perhaps I too can have a great fall - starting with the end of chemo!!

  7. The scarf looks great,love the colour and its a scarf - the kinks wont show when wrapped around. Your penguin will be one warm and pampered Penguin. Seriously, who gets hand knitted scarves these days.

  8. How did you see pictures of the MN State Fair on my blog? I live in Virginia.

    Great work on the knitting. This winter I am going to attempt to learn to knit. I am not good at sitting still for very long, even when watching TV. My hands have to be doing something.

    I remember my first (and only) Thanksgiving in Denmark...I was away from family for the first time. So I had about 20 Danes over for an American Thanksgiving. I had to teach them how to bake turkeys and we had an awesome spread. I think that was my favorite Thanksgiving.

  9. @ Jacki: DOH!! Wrong blog!! Bwahahahah!

  10. Hi Virginia,
    I don't think I've ever left a comment here before - but have been lurking for a while; found you on Copenhagen Follies and have been enjoying your writing a lot, esp. about the archaeology. Are you still Dane-less in Denmark?
    I really like the thought of Projekt Dejlig - you didn't mention pumpkins though? I'm always looking forward to buying a few and making a big ol' mess carving all the gooey stuff out of them.
    Very pretty scarf by the way. I tried knitting once. Yours is much much better. You'll be knitting smølfs soon!
    //Tine, Århus

  11. @ Tine: Oh, dear, I'm afraid my name is not Virginia... it's this obscure American reference to a newspaper article about Santa Claus called "Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus" and I've been throwing this particular idiom around all over the place and it never occurred to me that people might not recognize it and now I'm all embarrassed for being obscure! Sorry!!

    I don't actually use my name on this site, for fear that my horrible ex will find it and then stalk me. So I go by the Archaeogoddess or AG or archeo or goddess... okay, not goddess so much... but you know.

    But you can call me Virginia if you want to!! :-)

    Oh, don't run away!! I have pumpkin mash left over in my freezer so that I can make a pumpkin pie in case no more blue pumpkins show up in the supermarket. I CAN MAKE YOU PIE!!

  12. Hello, oh goddess of obscurity&archaeology ;-)!

    Careful with the pumpkin pie - as you can see from my last comment I live in Aarhus so I may very well take you up on the offer! (new version of cyber stalking: spam comments that just say "givemepiegivemepiegivemepie")

    In return, I'll invite you over so you can show me how a real American carves a pumpkin.

  13. I like this Americana hygge - great idea! Very inspiring!

  14. I agree... county fairs in the states have so many of the same elements. Though I haven't really found them in NJ too much since I lived here. And fall is starting to happen -- I felt the crispness in the air today and felt bad because I still had my son dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. And the marshmellow potatoes sound great. And I'm a holiday procrastinator too.

    Enjoy Projekt Dejlig -- sounds like a good thing to do.


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