Monday, July 09, 2012

Feeling a bit like *that* weatherman

So you know how there's always a weatherman standing in really horrible weather, screaming about how horrible the weather is, while the two newscasters sit in their warm, dry studio and say, "Gee Bob, that's some horrible weather they're having out there in Chattanooga" or wherever the poor weatherman happens to be standing?

Or in any disaster movie, there's always the idiots who are standing right where the disaster is about to happen, holding up their cameras and trying to get a picture?

And you think to yourself, "Morons!  I'd never be so stupid as to stand around watching a disaster or inclement weather unfold!  I'd be getting the heck out of there!"  

You'd certainly not be eating an ice cream cone, taking pictures one handed, while your child clutched at your leg (not 'cause she's scared, but because there's chocolate ice cream going on and she wants some of the action).

We were on our way back to home yesterday and had an hour wait until the ferry came.*  So we decided to take a stroll.  We made it back to the car before the storm broke.  Had we not stopped for ice cream, we'd have been farther away from the car, so really, my need for pistachio/chocolate/mint-chocolate-chip saved our butts.  For a while the rain was so bad you couldn't see anything out at sea.  By the time the ferry came in, the storm had mostly passed.  It was clearing by the time we got home.  Wild weather, man, wild weather.

*I use a date stamp because I've learned the hard way that after about a week I can't remember when I took any given picture. It's day first, month second.  I have not travelled into the future to record the weather of August 7th.  So if you have plans to be outside in Faaborg on August 7th, you don't need to bring an umbrella.  Or maybe you do.  This is Denmark, after all, and the weather this summer sucks.


  1. you are on of THOSE. ;)

    Cool photos, though. I should do the same.

  2. It was impossible to resist! I love me some dramatic weather. I also get a fair amount of grumbling from folks that I never take photos.

    This last one is a fair complaint - I was just in Copenhagen with family and a long-time friend and we did all kinds of touristy stuff. Did I take photos of my friend enjoying Copenhagen? Nope. Did I take lots of photos of all the touristy things we did? Nope. I did take photos in Kronborg and the Round Tower, though. So I wasn't a completely incompetent tourist.


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