Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taking a moment to collect myself

Downstairs my child is in her crib screaming her head off.

I should go down and soothe her, but I need a moment.

I finally got so hungry that I had to eat, so I put her in the crib and microwaved the leftover potatoes.  I put butter on them, burning my finger in the process.  Then I ladelled some of the sour cream over the top.  Finally, as her cries reached fever pitch, I opened the cheddar cheese.  Gave it the sniff test.  It passed.  I glanced in, it looked fine.  I dumped it over the potatoes and BAM a big nasty moldy wad of cheese poured out and went SMACK into the potatoes.

Baby screaming, Mommy screaming.

I tried to get all the cheese off the potatoes.

But you know, I'd microwaved the fuckers so much that the cheese and it's mold melted all over the place.

I pondered eating it for about 30 seconds.  Then dumped it in the bin.

There went lunch.

I'm so hungry.  And I just wasted all the fast food I had.  And because I get loopy when I'm hungry and because my hormones are still all out of whack (when will they calm the fuck down?) this is just The Most Awful Horrible Bad Thing to Ever Happen In The Whole Wide World.

I'm gonna crawl into the crib with my daughter now and cry.

*** Edit: Having FINALLY eaten, I can say that I suffer more from low-blood sugar than post-partum.  In fact, the word "loopy" should be changed to "raging lunatic."  Ask the DB.  Ask my BFF.  Feed me on demand or face the WRATH. ***


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Crumbs... Are you insulin resistant?

  2. No idea, I just get very very cranky and easily upset when I'm hungry. It's easily solved with food. Or not so easily when you have an unhappy baby...

  3. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Yeah me too. Big time.

    It used to be much worse but now I eat low-GI as I can. So, I "just" get tired and my tummy feels empty. Which is bad but not as bad as it was.

    (That said, I don't think I could have handled a screaming baby and a mouldy-cheese situation without some sort of nuclear bomb)

  4. It's frightening to see. When she says she's find something to feed her, or she goes from easy-going, friendly Archaeogoddess to slavering Tazmanian Devil in seconds. She's always been that way. It's why I used to have pick myself up from the floor after laughing so hard I peed myself when people worriedly asked me, "Is she anorexic? She's anorexic, right?" The woman eats, and loves to eat and woe betide the fool who comes between her and food.

    Spawn had best start to come to the realization that it's in her own best interest for Mommy to be well fed.


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