Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Home

What does that mean, "I'm Home"?  Where's home?  What makes a home, anyway?

My friends and family would have me call California home, although I haven't lived there for over 10 years. Certainly it was "home" for a long time after I left, especially when I lived in Rhode Island. With all apologies to friends and folks living in New England - but what a great place to visit!  But California is no longer my home.  It's where I'm from and it's where I wouldn't mind moving back to, but it's not home.

Since I've moved away from home, I've lived in a number of places under a number of conditions. A tent in the desert, the floor of a professor's house, student housing, shared apartment, shared room, small apartment, huge house, California, Rhode Island, Denmark. I'm not the only one who has moved around a lot and lived in many different situations - Danish Boy has lived in a caravan in Holland, a kibbutz in Israel, and more apartments than I could name.

Now that we've bought a house, I can say that I do finally have a place that everyday feels more and more like my *home*. But really, "home" is best described by this song that I discovered on The Girl Who.

Speaking of music - I get all teary-eyed and squeeze the Spawn even more when listening to Pink.  It has nothing to do with the above post.  I just figured that while I was putting up music, I might as well throw this one in to.  :-)


  1. Okay, okay...I give...Denmark is home for you. Doesn't make me miss you any less...

    This one gets me everytime...particularly this line.."I've lost every time I've fought her." As frustrating as all that stubborn independence can be, it makes me damn proud to be her mom...anyway, check this song out...

  2. It's not so much that DENMARK is home - but that home is wherever my little family is.

  3. When we were visiting CA I commented to Sverre that either way you go, you get a bit homesick. I still consider CA home, because it's where my family is, but Oslo is home, too. I think a lot people who move far away feel that way. I guess we solve the dilemma by hanging badly cross-stitched Home Is Where The Heart Is samplers on our walls, right?

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    It's encouraging to hear you talk about your house feeling like home. I've felt "home"less ever since I went away to college, and after several years I do worry that I won't ever get it back.


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