Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For my patient readers...

Especially those who have been waiting and wanting photos...

The photos are not on this blog.

I have photos that have friends and coworkers in them and to protect their privacy, these photos cannot be uploaded to the blog as long as the blog remains completely open to all and sundry.

My options were then to either make this blog private, which would on one hand work, but would keep me from meeting random people on the internets, or to make the photos private.

Which I may have been able to do.  In a round about fashion.  Probably making it harder for myself than was truly necessary.

This leads to a quick question: how on earth is it that I can get a grip on FinalCut Express in just a few hours and yet spend all day trying to figure out privacy controls on photo sharing sites?

Anyway, to keep these photos private I have to "invite" you to see them.  That means you need to send me an email at the address you see on the main blog page.  Then I will send you a link to view the photos.  Ooooh, I know, how cool is that??

Please be advised that this process is not instantaneous - I'm popping back to a temporary home near my husband's school in order to help him with his computer needs (very funny considering that I have a hell of a time with this blog) and that means lousy internet connection.  And caravan living.  Yup, caravan living.  I'll be checking the email and trying to send links as fast as I can, when I have internet.

Also, for those who know me via Facebook, most of the photos are the same as those you see there.

If this works... this photo sharing site, that is... if I can choose certain photos albums to be shared and others not, I'll try to post more photos there and link them here or send out guest passes and thus save me the hassle of trying to load photos one at a time, cutting out some of the most interesting ones because of privacy issues, and will allow you to see oodles of photos in one go.

Fingers crossed, folks.

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