Thursday, May 14, 2009

I woke this morning to discover I wasn't dead. Pity.

No, I'm not suffering from depression or suicidal tendencies.  I even like my Danish class because it's fun and we've gotten far enough along we can chat with each other in Danish, so I don't dread going at all.  I just didn't really want to get up.  

So first I took stock of my health.  I mean, if I was sick, I could stay in bed.

Hm, no headache.  Back is okay.  Legs feel fine.  Let me stretch.... nope, no muscle pains.

*cough* Nope, that's not a real cough and *la la la* my voice sounds fine.  Blow nose.  Well, try to blow nose.  Stupid allergy pill is working just FINE.

Ugh, I have a pimple IN my nose.  IN!  That's painful!  Can I call in sick to class?

Probably not.  I can imagine the secretary taking my call: "What is wrong with you?"  Me: "I have a terribly large unpleasant pimple IN my nose."  Her: "On your nose?"  Me: "No IN! I looked up my nose and you can see it if I tilt my head back and squint.  And so it hurts to blow my nose!"  Her: "Do you have a runny nose?"  Me: "Not since I took the allergy pill."  Her: "I think you have to come in to class."

I cut myself on the trash can the other day and even though I washed and dressed it properly, it hurts.  But not the kind of hurt that suggests you should see a doctor about it.  *Glares at finger* Spoilsport.

So I got up and staggered about.  The coffee pot was acting weird.  I wondered if I could use that as justification for going back to bed... but it turned out that my husband was making 10 cups of coffee instead of the usual 7, so it took longer for the water to trickle through the grounds.

My internet was slow this morning (kinda like me), but I had no new emails and there is no good reason to miss school because your dissertation committee has NOT returned your dissertation with corrections.

Sad to say, I got ready and went to class.  


  1. I had the same problem this morning...I didn't want to get up! The bed is so cozy.

  2. This is precisely the kind of day that would call for a mental health day, or as the munchkin calls them, personal days. As long as you don't make every day (or even every fifth day) a mental health day, you are entitled to take at least one.

  3. I know, I know. So few reasons to get up, so many reasons to stay in bed. When I was a PhD student I wasn't often in the office before 11am.

  4. A pimple in the nose can be serious. I can grow and implode and cause your brain to ooze out of your earholes! You should call in sick.

    I would.

  5. Very funny! Time goes all fuzzy on you and now you don't want to get up! I can relate! Managed to get kickstarted with coffee and chocolate this morning...


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