Monday, February 14, 2011

It would be so much worse if I lived in Haiti... no, wait, it would be warm there!

We're having a horrific storm at the moment.  It's all wind.  Nothing but wind.  But it's pulling tiles off of roofs (not mine, thank you Mr. Whoever Laid the Tiles, but boy am I glad I don't live just down the street) so it's not your normal-every-day-gee-you-complain-about-the-weather-too-much kind of wind.  And it's cold.  It's probably trying to snow, but the snow is getting blown horizontally and is probably landing in Munich.  I've been watching people walk their dogs and have never been so grateful to have a cat instead as I do today.  However, having a cat isn't without it's drawbacks.

Alot: Meow!
AG: You do *not* want to go out in this cat.
Alot: MEOW!
AG: You're going to regret this.
Alot: Meow MEOW meow!
AG: *opens door* (both AG and Alot are smacked in the face by incredible winds at freezing temperature) Okay, there's outside! Go and do your thing!
Alot: Meow? *turns tail and runs under table*
AG: That's what I thought.

Ten minutes later.

Alot: Meeeeooooowwwwrrrr!
AG: You know, we have a litter box.
Alot: Ooooowwwwr!
AG: You're going to be so pissed when you want back in and I've gone off to the pharmacy and there's no one home!
Alot: Mrrrrrrr!
AG: Okay *opens door* (repeat of the wind-in-the-face, both are practically blown back into the house, doors slam five rooms away)
Alot: *full body shiver* *darts out and down the stairs and under the deck*
AG: I'll give you 10 minutes and then I'm going to the pharmacy.

Time's up.

No cat.

Well, gotta run, these antacids won't buy themselves.


  1. Just about to take out the dog and telling myself it will be invigorating. Self-delusion can be a good thing. ;)

  2. Oh, poor Alot...happens all the time with my poor Ellwood, but he's so dumb that he begs to go outside, so I open the door and he rushes out into the rain...stops...turns around and looks at me like I made it rain...and then runs off to do his thing. It's hilarious...


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