Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What if...

...the Danes got to vote in the primaries? Who would they vote for? (I know, you've been loosing sleep over this very issue.) Well Søndagsavisen has answered our cries - over 40% for Hillary, Obama was close behind her with 34.5%, with McCain trailing a distant third at just under 4% and last but not least, Huckabee with less than 1% of the vote. (No, I don't know how many people they asked. Geez.)

What does it all mean? Not much, I thought it was rather funny. If you read Slate, you get the feeling all of Europe is for Obama. But not Denmark. Personally I think it is because Hillary is so very much more Danish than Obama. Yeah, she looks more Danish, but I mean that Obama brings a message of hope and promise, two things Danes don't really believe in. Pragmatic, that is a good word for the Danes, and Hillary has that in spades.

So really, what Republicans need to be very worried about is not illegal Mexican immigrants sneaking their way into the voting booths, but Danes.

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  1. I was actually kind of curious about this, to tell the truth. I don't really know why anyone is campaigning for the job, because Jesus Christ Bush has made the biggest mess I can imagine and I so would not want to be trying to mop up that shit. Although Hillary made a fabulous point that it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, so it's going to take another Clinton to clean up after this one.


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