Thursday, February 22, 2007

Snow where?

Well, here in New England, they pride themselves on the amount of snow they get. Which is stupid if you talk to a person from the mid-West, where they get REAL snow or people from the warmer, sunnier states (like yours truely), who point out that the weather everywhere else is just better. But lately New Englanders have been a bit vexed because there has been no snow. Yeah, there was some last week that then melted and froze, turning the entire state of Rhode Island into a skating rink. (A bumpy skating rink.) So the question has been WHERE IS THE SNOW?

The answer is Denmark!

For everyone who doesn't actually read Danish, they've gotten 16-20 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. With drifts up to 3 feet (although in that picture I'm thinking 6 feet, but maybe its the house of a midget). And if you scroll down a bit to the box "Se også" (see also) and pick the gallery Sne over Danmark you get great pictures of snow over Denmark. Hey! Look you read Danish!

Anyway the point is, Denmark never gets that kind of snow. New England does. Thus, obviously, Denmark stole New Englands snow.

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