Sunday, April 05, 2009

What to do?

What to do when your husband comes to you and says "look, we've paid the mortgage, and some of the bills, but we got nothing until pay day in two weeks time, and we need to shop for food."

First, overriding despair. It means we really really need the guy coming on Tuesday or Wednesday to rent our apartment for the amount we've asked without us having to do more than the basics to get it ready. But that means moving, leaving our lovely apartment and finding something small and cheap. This will probably not be Gellerup, because we can't get into a two room apartment and we can't afford a three room and a single room is just too freakin' small. I don't know where we'd go. Maybe we'll get lucky and come up for a two room in the next month. But I was getting used to the idea of roommates again, roommates on our own terms.

But then the challenge. I like having a budget for food. It makes me creative in a way I don't normally have to be. Call me nuts, but I like a challenge from time to time. Yeah, a BETTER challenge would be to NOT have to figure out how many meals I can make out of a head of cabbage, but something along the lines of "we need to visit 5 European capitals in 6 days - GO"... but you do what you gotta do with what you've got.

Thankfully I have collected enough recipes that I can sit down and sift through them, figuring out which ones I have most of the food for and what I can make without buying more than one or two items. I'm glad I stocked up on chicken last month. Also I'm glad that Netto is open the first sunday of the month until 5. We ate up all the spaghetti last night.

Right carpe diem... or better yet, carpe cabbage!


  1. sometimes the greatest meals come from "clean out the fridge" days... you get creative and it is like a culinary adventure!!! Cannot wait to hear what is on the menu this week!

  2. Love, are you beginning to believe, as I am, that if the two of us managed to have a week or so where more good things occurred than bad things that it would rip a hole in the space time continuum?

  3. Its a funny thing but I derive great satisfaction from eating on a budget. I love the creativity that comes with that.

  4. I love budgeting and shopping on a food budget! As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to sit down right now and plan out our meals for the week.

    After I read all your posts, of course.

    A cheap meal? Pancakes for dinner. We are having that tonight.

    Here's hoping you find a solution soon to your housing dilemma!


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