Monday, April 06, 2009


I'm sure I've mentioned before that I am a total sucker for quizes. I mean, seriously. Total nut. I liked what this one had to say about me. Especially the stable part. Heh. It's probably true, at least a lot of people think I'm stable. But then a lot of people haven't seen me when I'm watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and I'm bawling like a baby when they move that bus.

You Color Your Life With Intense Warmth

You are a down to earth, stable person. You can be relied on.

You enjoy the outdoors. There's something about being in nature that makes you feel really blissful.

While you are responsible, you aren't boring. You have a lot of flair and style.

You enjoy creative projects of all sorts. You're a very visual person.


  1. Yoink! This is so going on my blog!

  2. I did this, and I got the same results. Freaky!

  3. I did this after I found it on corrine´s blog...and you and I are the same!!! We can cry about the Extreme Makeover while she goes shopping for Jimmy Choos! :o)


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