Monday, April 13, 2009

My Dane

You gotta hand it to my Danish husband. He has to put up with all kinds of madness. But at least we crack each other up.

Yesterday, after he'd worked an exceptionally long taxi shift, he finally got himself into bed, at about 7:30. 7:45 and I roll over, punch him, and take the blanket. I had NO idea he'd come home. I was just trying to stretch. I realized after I grabbed the blanket that the pillow I punched was strangely warm and unyielding. I woke up, apologized profusely and fell back asleep. He got up and went to the spare bed to get some uninterrupted sleep WITH a blanket.


  1. hahahaha. he does sound like a keeper all right!

  2. ok, he is the new poster boy for the term GOOD SPORT!

  3. Don't we love our danes :)

  4. Anonymous8:48 PM


    That's also why I see most people have two sets of blankets / dyne. We don't. We fight for it too LOL

  5. LOL, punching pillow face image in my head.

  6. I just read this a room full of people and we spent about ten minutes giggling like idiots. What a good sport that boy he didn't already give me enough reasons to like him. Now he's making me laugh, too!!!


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