Monday, January 12, 2009

When did I become such a wuss?

I'm freezing! I'm wearing two sweaters and long underwear. In about 30 seconds I'm going to run into the other room and get my woolen knee high socks (purchased for skiing in Norway and the best cold weather clothing investment I've ever had) and put those over my regular socks. I will probably also crank up the heat AGAIN.

This is because it's 20C (68F) inside.

I keep telling myself, it's not really THAT cold. My sister in Minnesota has it FAR worse. Heck, growing up in California, during winter we kept the thermostat at 70 and it wasn't that bad.

Is 68 really that much colder? What is it about 2 degrees (Fahrenheit, mind you) that turns me from a normal human being to popsicle?

Danes are used to such temperatures. After all, as babies, they are left outside in baby carriages in all kinds of weather. (That blog has great pictures, mind you, of the famous baby pram that I keep trying to describe to people, but some how fail miserably.)

On the plus side, I am much better adapted to the heat. So when it gets to, oh horrors 35C/95F I am not prostrate with heat exhaustion. My m-i-l begins fainting from the heat when it hits 30C/86F.

Unfortunately it only gets to be that warm for a few days a year. Usually when I'm in the Middle East. The rest of the time I'm wearing sweaters while Danes are in tank tops.

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