Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Happiness is in being filled with hope that things might just get better.

I've heard numerous non-Americans point out that Obama is only human and we're all getting carried away. That we're deluding ourselves that this time things will be different and we'll see real change. That really, it's all just politics as usual and we'll discover that soon enough.

Thanks for your vote of confidence, folks. I am pretty sure that all Americans are aware of the above. But for the moment we have hope and hope is more important that money in your pocket. Although money in your pocket would be nice too. America is all about hope. You could say that the country was built on hope. Hope for a better life than the one you left behind or the one you were living this morning. Hope that things will be better for your children or your children's children or at least somebody's children.

W. gave out a tax rebate thinking that this would make Americans happy - the whole "money in your pocket would be nice" idea. But the people were not happy. People being polled felt things were getting worse, not better, even if they did appreciate a little bit more cash that month. This is because money in your pocket, while nice, is not worth much if you have no hope.

We like to talk about the Depression a lot these days. Back then there were a lot of holes in people's pockets, not money, but we as a people pulled through. I think a lot of it had to do with hope. FDR gave the people hope. And a kick ass stimulus package, yes, but also HOPE. Unlike Hoover, who promised the people a chicken in every pot, FDR promised a hard road, tough times and sacrifice, but a light at the end of the tunnel.

Without hope that things will get better, how can we get up in the morning and struggle through another day of misery? If I didn't hope that some day things will be better, I doubt I would bother to get out of bed. I mean, what's the point of fighting if there's no chance that life will improve? Some people would like to tell us that this is reality, kid, so deal with it. To them I would like to say, what a sad life you lead, if you are never hopeful that things will be better.

Without hope there is no reason to do anything, because no matter what you do, nothing will get better. Is this the reality that people want us to accept? Thanks, but no thanks, I'll live in my fantasy world for a bit longer, thank you very much.

I'd rather live for hope than for revenge, money, or power. I'd rather hope that life will get better for myself and for all humanity than accept that I will always be short of cash at the end of the month and that children will die at the hands of those entrusted to protect them.

I may not be able to live off hope, but I know I couldn't live without it.

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