Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creatures of the night.

My husband and I have become complete creatures of the night. We get up at about 3 pm and go to bed at 6 am. He's been working intermittent night shifts with the taxi and it occurred to us that we might as well just go with it. It doesn't matter too much to me when I write and this way he's getting 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Night time has less distractions anyway. Although it does seem a bit odd to figure out what to do about dinner and make sure I do the shopping before I even have lunch.

I probably ought to go shopping right now. But I'm not going to. We have GOT to eat up all these random food bits left over here and there. I have BAGS of frozen vegetables and about four different types of pasta. If I go shopping I won't be motivated to be creative with what I've got. Last night I excelled with the salmon. Came up with my own marinade and baked it beautifully.

I do have a frozen bag of assorted seafood that I ought to use as well. But GEEZ I hate shell fish. And squid. Oh and anything that has tentacles, in case you try to fool me with octopus. Honestly, GAH!

I obviously do eat fish, but I usually do my best to ensure that it in NO WAY tastes like fish. Or looks like it either. Pickled herring tastes like vinegar, deep-fried breaded fish tastes like lemon juice and/or hollandaise sauce (if you put enough of either on there), salmon tastes like whatever you put on it provided it's strong enough to mask any flavor (dijon mustard, a hint of white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, dried tarragon), and tuna should be fresh and liberally doused with mayo. Or, I do like sushi, as long as I have lots of wasabi sauce. I think I eat sushi ONLY for the wasabi sauce. Watching my husband eat deep fried small squid once almost made me lose my supper. My appetite was shot. Oh, the horrors. They had curly tentacles!!! And little pointy heads!!! That's not food! I don't know what it is, but I am NOT eating it.

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