Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday...

...and the paint is STILL NOT DRY!

This is because
a) the painters are morons and painted too thick of a coat of the linseed oil paint using regular bristle brushes instead of the special brushes and left the same bloody streaks and globs as we had before.
b) there is no b.

These were different painters suggested by the architect in charge of the project. Does no one in Denmark know how to paint our oh-so-special windows required by the "special" Historical Preservation Society (oh, those folks are special, so very very special)?

Painters: 0 Windows: 2

After one night of sleeping on the floor in one of the spare rooms not currently a refrigerator we decided that screw the paint, we were going to close the window in the bedroom and get a proper night's rest. I did open the window again this morning and got wet paint on my hands. WET PAINT!!


Do you know what it's like, cooking dinner and washing dishes while wearing a scarf and a woolen hat? It's like camping, but without the joy of knowing you are on vacation.

Would some one please whisk me away to somewhere hot where they serve drinks in coconuts?

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  1. Archeaogoddess:

    I noted your comment at The Hegemonist and just wanted to point to you the direction of a web log by a foreign service officer (and archaeologist): Life After Jerusalam.



    p.s. Two of my FS assignments have been in places where you can get tropical drinks served in coconuts, and one in a cold European country where hot, mulled wine is more practical for entirely too much of the year.


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