Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home alone...

My husband is off in Brussels for a few days. He's doing some program about blogging about the EU. I'm not entirely sure what it is he's doing, other than being in Brussels. This is not because I do not listen to my husband when he tells me things. It is because he doesn't particularly understand what this program he signed up for is all about. So "something about blogging about the EU and I get to go to Brussels" was about all the information I got from him.

I *think* he thought it would be a lot like the newspaper, every now and then he would write an article to put up on the internet. Now it appears that what he's expected to do is run a blog that promotes EU related news. He got a free trip to Brussels - I imagine this organization wants SOMETHING from him.

I figure I'll know more once he gets back.

Unless he's been kidnapped by white slavers and sent to Siberia. Or something.

Can you tell I'm bored? You can only do so much work before you really REALLY want to be distracted.

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  1. good morning from Herning!
    I found you through Patti´s blog and wanted to say hello!

    And if you find out how all of us bloggers can get a free trip to Brussels to talk about blogging, count me in! :o)


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