Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Painting blues

It's all taping and painting, taping and painting. The tape is taking the skin off my hands and then the paint has to be scrubbed off too, making my hands shadows of their former selves. Ugh, the horror! Not that I could have been a hand model at the best of times, but this is outrageous. And I keep taking off the fingernail on my right index finger with the potato peeler. What kind of an idiot trims their nails accidently with a potato peeler?? This kind of idiot. I haven't cut myself with it yet, which is a good thing, but I have the most odd looking fingernail now. Dangerous things potato peelers and masking tape. Paint you expect to be kind of dangerous. It is full of terrible vapors and you must keep it out of your eyes and for heaven's sake don't drink it - but the warnings on masking tape do not include: warning, will not stick to oil based painted trim but will remove skin!

We are still waiting for the floor man to make his grand appearance. We're sort of on a tight schedule here, so he'd best hurry up. We're going to rent out our place through an agency that rents to ex-pats working in Denmark. Since many of these assignments are several years long, they bring their families, so our huge apartment should be a real winner. We need to get it up to snuff so we can be ready to move at a moments notice.

I hate moving, but I hate worrying about foreclosure more. This will take care of that problem, with any luck.

Meanwhile the bank is freaking out and being complete asshats. When we moved the branch we use as our local branch was suddenly not so local any more, so Danish Boy got around to asking to be transfered to the closest branch to us currently. And was DENIED! They don't want him at their branch!! What? Can they do that? Who knows, but they did. The manager called the DB last night and told him not to bother to come to the meeting on Friday because they weren't going to transfer him to their branch. She didn't want us in her branch. Have a nice day!

As soon as we get all this apartment stuff straightened out we are switching banks. Once my residency is approved, I am opening a bank account somewhere else. Ridiculous! They've always been jerks, but this takes the cake.

And I got a letter from my dig director, asking when I should be flying into Israel this summer. Er? You want me to think of that right now? She did agree that this was WAY early to ask, but we need to book rooms for us at the British Institute and they fill up early. So best guesses were made.

So busy busy busy. The living room is now officially white. Horrible sterile white. Ugh.

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