Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If only coffee came in IV form...

I am no longer a creature of the night. I am a creature of the day. I will continue to repeat this in my head as I try to stay awake.

I got a haircut, which was lovely. I can now see and do not have to pin my hair back with barrettes. It's very spiky, the hair on my head, which is probably due to the hair wax. I will not know what I truly look like until tomorrow or if I decide to take another shower. I'm avoiding this action because I just bought new soap that smells deliciously of lavender, but since lavender is a relaxing sleepy smell, I might just doze off in the shower and fall over.

Obviously more coffee is in order.

The plus side of spiky hair is that it does a very good job of hiding the grey hairs. There's now a plethora of them all over my head. Apparently I am going to go completely grey by 40. I'm rather bitter about this, I was hoping I wouldn't have any grey hairs until I had children, so I could blame them. Now I'm just going to have to tell them that it was their father that did this to me.

Yes, I speak of children in the plural. I am not necessarily planning on having children in the plural. But it sounds weird to talk of children in the singular. At some point there will be A child and at that time we will revisit the idea of more than one. Plans for a child are in their...er... infancy, so to speak. It's currently a very abstract notion because my life is suddenly very full of lots of different time sensitive goals.

I spent last night reading up on the global economy. It was WAY more exciting and interesting than I thought it would be. This didn't take much, I admit, because I was rather dreading what I thought was going to be a horrific trawl through supply and demand (much like my high school economics class, in which I learned that passive resistance only works if you have a majority and absolutely nothing about economics). I have read some Karl Marx, some Adam Smith, and some Karl Polanyi (want an economic theorist in the family, name your child Karl) in my research into Roman Economics and theories of emulation and distinction, so I wasn't a complete neophyte in the world of modern economic thought, but the term "zero-sum economics" does not come up ever in discussions of the Roman economy (most of the arguments and theories on Roman economics center around whether or not you think the Romans had a economy and if so, were they aware of it, and if so did they do things purposefully to make their economic position better) (the answers are, in my mind, yes, sort of, not really). Reading about currently global economic theory has actually shaped my thoughts on the Roman economy (yay for cross-pollination of ideas), I'd love to be able to go into it more in depth, but at the moment it's all a bunch of firing neurons and not a coherent argument. Maybe it'll end up in my dissertation or maybe it'll just kick around in my head for a while.

It's actually quite a lovely day today. The sun is out when it's not drizzling and the rain of last night washed the city from top to bottom (it was quite the rain). The streets are very clean except where I am because the garbage trucks came and picked up our trash but seem to have dropped quite a lot of it. It's also not that cold, considering that there are very few clouds today. It would be a perfect day to be out and about, except that I stupidly stepped funny yesterday while running up and back from the library. My ankle and foot are killing me. No swelling or discoloration, so I have no idea what I did, but I'm going to keep off of it as much as possible today.

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