Saturday, January 03, 2009

I've got prune hands!!

The walls, ceilings, and exposed beams have been washed. It took ALL FREAKIN' DAY!!

This is partly because I had to keep going up and down a step ladder to reach the top of the walls and the beams and the ceiling (although after the first couple of inches of ceiling I decided that my very tall husband could do that bit). Another part of the problem is that some moron decided that walls should go from the ceiling all the way down to the floor! Honestly! The floor is way down by my feet! There was a lot of bending and squatting and kneeling and finally as my knees and ankles and toes gave out, sitting.

We used three bottles of industrial strength cleaner.

And this is because of the main obstacle to our progress - the disgusting state of the walls. I did manage to do one room in under an hour and with only one bucket of soapy water. The rest... well... Let me put it this way, in one room we found foot prints on the wall... four feet up. In another room it looked as if a small child had drawn on the wall with crayons. We didn't let out the room to any small children, so you really gotta wonder what was going on. In another room we found lots of smooshed bugs on the walls. Now if I squish a bug, I use a kleenex and then wipe the wall vigorously to remove any hint of squashed bug. I guess I'm just weird that way. Just about every wall had a thin coat of grey oily dust. Eww. From now on no one will be allowed to breath or shed skin cells in my house. No one!

We also defrosted the deep freeze. It's been three years and we removed two buckets of ice. I know I said "defrosting" - but we got impatient and it became deicing. That was also rather gross, because when people spill things in a large freezer, they don't empty everyone else's crap in order to clean up. I don't particularly blame them, it's a big freakin' freezer and things were organized so that everyone had a space... well, in theory... so you didn't want to move things around for fear of losing someone's stuff. Or worse, losing your own stuff. But it would have been nice if they'd organized themselves from time to time and said, "Right, there is so much ice in here we can't fit the ice-cube tray in the ice-cube tray space... There will be a massive defrost party on Saturday!" Oh well. It's clean now and it didn't take THAT long. I got to poke and hit things and enjoy the crashing sound of ice slushing and crunching as it fell beneath the onslaught of my spatula.

Dang I'm tired.


  1. You know...when you're done with your apartment, I can think of a two bedroom house that could use some help. Although, when I take into consideration the price of the plane ticket it would take to get you here, it might just be cheaper to hire someone local...but no where near as fun.

  2. The Danish Boy responded to this idea with "sure" but I think he was high on paint fumes. Although, your house had a lot less trim and normal walls... I would not be opposed to this idea. Especially if you flew us out! HA!


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