Monday, August 31, 2009

Skillz, I has dem.

In case anyone ever wonders if Kel D is a capable teacher, may I just say for the record: Yes, she is!

After a fun expat meet up, I dragged Kel D back to my lair, plied her with wine and forced her to teach me to knit. Okay, not so forced, she totally volunteered.

Ladies and gentlemen, having had half a bottle of wine, Kel taught the Archaeogoddess, also under the influence of half a bottle of wine, to move pointy sticks in complicated motions, moving yarn from ball to hand to stick to other stick, causing intricate not quite knot formations to grow and grow and...

Look, she taught me to knit, okay? Evidence?

See??!!?? Knitted stuff!! It's not perfect, but if you've ever seen me trip over nothing or suddenly fall sideways into walls, you will know that this requires manual dexterity long thought to be beyond my capabilities.

Yesterday being Sunday I could not go to the yarn store... but today. I will sally forth and try to knit all on my own. Should you never hear from me again, it is because I've either accidently killed myself with a knitting needle or knitted myself to a chair. In any case, send help.


  1. She's fab isn't she?

    I knew you two would get sticky!

  2. Heh. Sticky with wine.

    I will teach ANYONE how to knit, just watch me :)

  3. I find crochet easier and look forward to the day that I actually complete a knit project thats larger than a wash rag (not that those aren't useful, I'm just sayin').

  4. Much better than my first try!

  5. Rather impressive. I used to do cross-stitch, which I really enjoyed, until all of my finished works kept ending up with cat hair stitched in.

  6. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Oooh, we all really need to gets together with sharp sticks, wine and yarn. That be makin' for a damn good time!

  7. say you have no manual dexterity, but I've seen your embroidered quilt square masterpieces.

    Quite impressive, nonetheless...I fully expect a scarf for Christmas!!


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