Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This just in from an article in the Copenhagen Post. <-----Link, in case you don't know. Go, read it. I'll wait.

Okay, for those of you too busy or getting this via email: In increasingly desperate measures, Denmark continues to try to keep out the "darkies" without saying, "whites only." Their new ploy - charge people who come to Denmark for Family Reunification 3,000 kr to take a Danish language and culture test.

I better start taking donations so I can pay for my test, because wouldn't you know, I'm here on a Family Reunification Visa!!

I am not so worried about taking the test, because I'm already required by the government to learn Danish and I have to pass a series of tests ALREADY in order to stay, so what's one more... but dude, YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME PAY FOR A GOVERNMENT REQUIRED TEST??? WAS THE $10,000 I HAVE TO KEEP IN A SEALED BANK VAULT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE???

I really hope this leads to a Danish brain drain as Danes who fall in love with foreigners realize that really, they should just stay with their foreign spouse and contribute to that foreign country's economy rather than bring said spouse back to DK where we are treated like second-class citizens.

And the first person who suggests that we give North Americans an exemption will be shot. That is just disgusting and degrading that you would think that I would want to use my skin color or my religion or my so-called race to step in front of people who are fleeing for their lives or looking for somewhere where they can make something of themselves.

Either require the test of EVERYONE: highly skilled workers, asylum seekers, family reunification-ators, residency and citizenship; or NO ONE.

This is SO not worth the free health care.


  1. This country sucks. It deserves the family-reunification-brain-drain that is coming.

  2. nonooonoooo

    But you can't leave!!!

    I know it sucks but don't leave!!!!

    Think about it, if we start leaving then all the rest of the gooduns will leave.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    do you by any chance joined the foreigners in dk forum? I posted the link over there and had quite an interesting conversation with people there including kel *waves to kel*

  4. *sigh* Just once, I'd like to hear some news in Denmark that makes me glad I'm living here, or at least makes me not cringe and apologize for the fact I'm living here lol

  5. @ Babs: I'm stuck here for a while... so I think I'll be the dank rot that destroys from within.

    @ the Writer: I'm not sure if I can handle the forum. When I read what some of those asshats say, my bile rises and I can't get the taste out of my mouth!

  6. It *will* lead to a family brain drain. Even now all Danish companies know that foreigners leave Denmark after two years because they can't stand it. This will put even worse strain on Danish-other marriages, which are very highly strained already for couples living here. It'll be divorce or leave. Including the Danes.

  7. I rage and nash my teeth on your behalf. Grrrrr... I had to take a living in the UK test before I could get permanent residency. Everyone whose first language isn't English also has to take a language exam. But I don't have to have thousands in the bank, which is good, because that's certainly not going to happen.

    Any way for foreigners to band together and make a bit of noise?

  8. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I know what you mean about being in a forum and suddenly wants to murder someone.

    I came back to the forum with no intention to pick a debate on how lovely / bad Danes are but this subject is too good to be passed and fortunately the beeyatch who used to yap at me hasn't bared her teeth yet in my thread. who knows?

  9. Okay, okay...time for me to come clean...I've been bribing members of the Danish government to make it difficult for you to stay there so that you'll come home where you belong.

    Obviously, I'm just kidding...If I had that kind of money, I could visit you regularly. Or, at least hire some really good kidnappers...

    Sigh...sorry that this makes life that much more difficult for you. And disgusted that the Danish government would behave in such an outlandishly racist fashion and their ciizens don't stand up and call "Bullshit!"

  10. I have given up writing about Denmark or talking. I can only write in expletives and it almost causes fights between me and my brand new husband. I am gonna be ostrich on Denmark issues now and simply PM u guys the links that make me go grrrr.

  11. I think I love you... You're so right! As I sit here in Sweden, I've become more and more frightened by how racist the government is becoming. I'm not saying the Danes are racists, but when this way of thinking starts becoming a law and thus sanctified, I'm terribly afraid it will give rise to racist ways of thinking and acts of discrimination.

  12. "And the first person who suggests that we give North Americans an exemption will be shot."
    I just saw this suggestion by someone at the foreigners in Denmark forum. (Thats north americans should be exempted)Now I know where I am going to start my first internet fight.I am scared to say "lets shoot the fker" the immigration authorities will read it and arrest us, coz us immigrants, we mean EVERY violent word we utter.

  13. The brain drain is well underway. My Danish husband and I -- two PhDs -- are happily ensconced in southern California and have no plans to return to Denmark, even for a few years, due to this type of thing. While I would love to consider moving there for maybe a 2-3 year limited time so that our 1 year old could get exposed to more Danish and be close to his Danish relatives, we probably will choose not to. My husband just rolls his eyes and shakes his head when he hears stories like these and I can tell he is embarrassed by it all.

  14. Everything you said .. I second, and then some.


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