Monday, June 01, 2009


Sorry, no photos today. Today was a day of cleaning. Which means taking all of the dirt that has been kicked up by the backhoe and taking it to a location other than our site.

We use the backhoe to get rid of the flesh rending thistles and the top few inches of soil.

The result is ankle deep dust and I was not really enthusiastic of exposing my camera to the fine fine dust that we have on site. Seriously, this stuff is like flour. Once up in the air, it can get anywhere and everywhere.

So no pictures.

Not that there was much to see. It looked somewhat like a war zone and somewhat like a moonscape. At the end of the day we have cleared away where we are going to lay out our squares, 5x5 meters in size.

But let me tell you a story.

Two years ago I bought and wore lovely dig boots.

Last year I packed my husband's dig boots by mistake.

This year I packed MY dig boots.

This year I discovered that either my boots shrank or my feet grew and so my dig boots ATE my feet. Bruised toes, blisters on my heels. Ugh.

So what am I going to do? Use the Keens I wore last year.

What was the point of searching so diligently for my dig boots??


I'm a little sore, which means tomorrow I'm going to be stiff and very sore. But I shall have GREAT muscles and a funny tan, so I'll just bully through like I always do. If you don't have some pain then you know you aren't working hard enough. I also have the required mysterious bruises and scrapes that one gets. They are badges of honor. At least that's what we tell ourselves as we compare the sizes and shapes and colors.


  1. Maybe you feet swelled in the heat! Sounds like so much fun- the digging and jerusaleming- not the blisters. I dont see you around much in myside of the internets these days!

  2. oooh sounds like so much fun!!!!

    Thanks for bloggin it :)

  3. Mess with their heads and make the squares 5 x 5 in yards, instead of meters.

  4. you are the ultimate woman.... I cannot even imagine doing all that you are doing!! So keep sharing! :o)

  5. I agree with Kelli....I usually read about digs in magazines, and while it is interesting, it doesn't feel as personal as this does. I am really enjoying about all your work there. Can't wait to see pictures!!


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