Monday, June 15, 2009

Progressive foot unveiling among other things...

It's been a long week. My schedule runs roughly as thus:

4:00 AM Wake up, roll into clothes, fall into bathroom.
4:15 AM Make coffee. Put on sunscreen and bug spray. Eat bread with peanut butter.
4:30 AM Fill water cubes.
4:45 AM Stagger to van and load up the dig team.
4:50 AM Drive to site.
5:00 AM Get tools, commence digging.
8:30-9:00 AM Breakfast
11:00-11:10 AM Fruit break
12:00 Clean up and go to lunch
12:45 PM Take off shoes and socks. Marvel at mud between the toes.
1:00 PM Shower
1:15 PM NAP!!!
3:30 PM Wake up confused, drink coffee
4:00 PM Pottery washing
5:30 PM Check email if I took too long of a nap earlier in the day. Be shocked because I seem to have not checked my email for a few days.
7:00 PM Dinner
7:30 PM After dinner drinks.
9:00 PM Go to bed.

On days where I have a field trip, we usually leave around 2 o'clock. From time to time I must also forgo a nap for other reasons, such as shopping, locus sheets, and blogging. Obviously, blogging has suffered from my insistence on napping during the day. However, you do manual labor for 7 and a half hours in the morning and see how much you feel like plopping down to write!

This last weekend we were in Jerusalem and I had fully intended on catching up with my blogging and my paperwork. But, you guessed it, I slept instead. Then on Saturday I think I ate something that was not so nice and ended up rather ill on Sunday. I'm still rather weak, but the nausea and cramping is past. My wound is also noticeably smaller!! It's like a really slow zipper, closing from the top down in a very slow but steady way. I'm fascinated by the daily progress.

And if you are wondering what the three pictures have to do with anything... well, they don't. It's the progressive foot unveiling that happens every day after digging. Those socks were white. So were the feet... only they've gotten a bit more tan from all the sandal wearing. And I am now borrowing a pair of Smartwool socks that are AWESOME! I still have dirty feet, but the socks are much better fitting and because they draw the sweat away from my feet, I have cooler and less smelly feet at the end of the day. Bliss, I tell you.


  1. Priceless photo series. More people should do this - it gives a small but unique look into your world.

  2. Reason number one to not go into archaeology...gritty toes. J/K! Sounds like you're busy, busy, busy...but I bet you're loving it!

  3. Sounds like an adventure. Hard work indeed! My days are just 'rot away in archive during reasonable hours'.

  4. wheeen aaaaaaareeeee yoooooou hoooooooooomee????

  5. sounds like a great time, but I admit... I could not get past the line that said, "wake up and have peanut butter on bread...." my green-eyed monster was coveting your PB! hurry home!

  6. Thanks for sharing what your day is like... very busy! I'm happy you found socks that are more conducive to wear for your work- congrats!

    And glad you're feeling better... take care of yourself... nap when you can. :-)

  7. I can honestly say I find your work fascinating. Like I said before, I've read about digs in magazines, but now it seems more real and personal. Like a writer for NG would never mention dirty, smelly feet. And they are there usually watching the work being done, not actually doing it.

  8. Well, at least you have peanut butter! I know of another girl digging in Israel this summer. Her name is Megan... maybe you know her?


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