Thursday, May 28, 2009

*achoo* *snort* Gah!


Dear Denmark,

ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?? Look, I'm sorry I'm leaving you. I'll be back. You needn't start blowing gale force winds. You needn't release a years worth of pollen into the air! You REALLY needn't have used that gale force wind to blow the pollen up my nose, into my lungs and giving me one of the worst sinus headaches I've had in a long time.

You win, I'm miserable. But I'm not staying. Nope. I'm still going to get on that plane tomorrow. I have a steady supply of Kleenex and I will use it all and then my sleeve, my pants and even my socks if I must. Because I have places to be and people to see and dirt to dig.

I think a short break will be good for us. Really.

Don't take it all so personally, Denmark. It's not you. It's me.

Now please, take it like a man and stop this incessant tantrum. It's beneath you. You are better than that.

A little less wind. A little less pollen. And I promise I will come back in a month.

Your friend,


  1. A whole month before you're back? Ack - when we finally get around to meeting, I'll be bald!!

  2. Where are you going?

  3. Have a good trip digging. I'll be rotting in some dusty archive in London at the same time. Cheers to the fantastic life in academia ;)

  4. @ Patti: I'll pretend not to notice! :-D

    @ Babs: Israel. Digging happily for a whole month!!

    @ Paula: Don't get lost in the stacks! Remember to bring string and a flare gun. :-)


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