Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marriage: a year later

Here's something I didn't expect: to be called by all and sundry to be wished a happy anniversary.

Not that I'm complaining, no one called before noon and the fact that we were still sound asleep when people did call, because my Dane worked the night shift at the taxi, is no one's fault but my own for forgetting to turn off the phone.

But how was I to know that people call and wish you a happy anniversary? We don't do that where I come from. Well, at least not in my family.

****UPDATE: My family did call to wish me a happy anniversary. Good heavens! I guess this is something one is supposed to do!! I now feel incredible guilt for not contacting friends and family to wish them happy anniversaries. To all of you out there who have an anniversary to celebrate, no matter what it is or when: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!****

The Dane is working taxi today, but has called and informed me that he's gotten us a table at my favorite Mexican restaurant, because he knows me and my stomach.

That's love.

I imagine that had we more money, he'd be taking me somewhere fancy, but we are currently holding back on spending because we are finally taking a honeymoon.


Is it a honeymoon when one person gets to go see a bunch of archaeological sites that interest her and the other person is along for the ride? I'm not sure. But the Dane has indicated that we should take this extended weekend vacation because we have yet to honeymoon.... so I'm thinking this may count as it.

Does that mean I should buy something sexy?? Not that he'd care, particularly. This is the man who can't figure out why I bother to shave as it is time consuming and sometimes bloody and he doesn't mind either way.

But back to the "honeymoon." We have a wedding to attend in the UK. Cambridge, no less. Yes, I move in exalted circles. Or know too many academics. And I may have mentioned before my Anglophilic tendencies. My one regret in life is that I never went to school in England. (Really, is that all I regret? Yeah, cause if I'd gone when I wanted to go I would have saved myself much heart ache and stress... but then I wouldn't be married to this lovely man.... but then I wouldn't have to be learning to speak Danish.... but then.... screw it, no regrets! I regret NOTHING!! You hear me?? NOTHING!!)

Lost my train of thought... Speaking of which, have I told you the story of the time I was on a train in England and it got lost?? Yeah, totally went down the wrong track at a switch and instead of going to Birmingham we went to Shrewsbury. (Great set of mystery novels set in medieval Shrewsbury. Brother Cadfael. Played by the delightful Sir Derek Jacobi, who was a GENIUS in "I, Claudius" and possibly the reason I decided to go into Roman archaeology.) Had I not be completely confounded by this change of events I might have wandered off to have a look at the cathedral, but I was trying to get to Wales that day. Got there eventually. But, seriously, who heard of a train getting lost??

So my darling husband, who knows that I have this small obsession, suggested we take a few days and go see some things in England that I may have always wanted to see.

Does he have any idea how many things I want to see? Yes, he does. Now. Poor thing.

He started it! He asked me if I could go to England for a week, with a car, what would I like to see? I said: Roman stuff.

Now, in a week, I suppose I could go from Dover to Hadrian's Wall, but that sounded a little intense. And there are LOADS of Roman remains spread all over England. So I opted for Roman England - South. Or as it is entitled on my itinerary: From Canterbury to Cambridge.

We'll be seeing:

It's actually a combination of Iron Age and Roman and Medieval sites, heavy British history pre-Tudors. (Sorry Laura, I am not going to any Tudor castles. Maybe some other time.)

I'm thrilled to bits and ever so excited. My passport has returned with new name and snazzy photo. Of course, now my name on my passport does not match the one on my license, so I hope they'll let me drive the car anyway. They might not on principle, I am a little too eager to get behind the wheel on the wrong side of the road!

So there it is. I've been married for a year and THIS time I don't need heavy medication or therapy. I'm going out for Mexican food tonight and I'm off to look at old piles of rock and eat mountains of fish and chips in a week! Best of all, I'm married to a man who finds all of this not only acceptable, but enjoyable and encourages my habit.


  1. New name, mexican food, honeymoon, castles- sound great! Have a fun trip. Aaah! nice Danish men..they make the move to denmark somewhat easier!

  2. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Congrats with the one year, if you don't want to be wished happy anniversary :)

    anyway, the plan sounds great. I love mexican food! and the trip, of course!

  3. As long as you guys spend time together and call a twosome trip a honeymoon it must be a honeymoon. Congrats on the one year! You trip sounds great.

  4. I am with Corrine... no matter where you are, as long as you are together! Tillykke med bryllupsdag!!! And enjoy England!

  5. Aw, that sounds fantastic--a honeymoon in the UK! Congratulations!

  6. I am aching with jealousy. year...the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's coronation...and you're not going to the Tower? I mean, I know you've been there before, but it's the 500th anniversary...

    But, I digressc...I love how happy you are, and I love that Dane for being so perfect with you and allowing you to be you, even if he did steal you away and you now live on the other side of the world.

  7. The UK is on my to-do list and hopefully one of these days we will actually leave the house and go do something! The mexican food sounds great as well - you just need to beg Kelli to cook for you now and then :)

  8. I know most of the spots you mention. Chedworth was a personal fave when i was a kid.

    Happy Anniversary :)

    I too am aching with jealousy, to see the sights in England (and not the smeggy bits) would be bliss.

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    And my goodness, that's a lot of stuff to see and do in only a week and in the British traffic... You might enjoy yourselves more if you had a more relaxed schedule.

    I went to Cambridge so can only say that you have good taste!

    Lived in Brighton too - it's like London by the sea. Not sure if the fish and chips are better here than elsewhere though.

  10. Happy Anniversary! And I am totally jealous of your trip! That sounds like my kind of vacation!

  11. @ All: Thanks!!

    @ LadyFi: If it gets to be too much, I am completely able to jettison certain things. But I do routinely smash three archaeological sites a day in a trip. And I'm a terror in museums. I had to be the only person in the Vatican Museum grumbling about "stupid Michelangelo and his stupid ceiling" because the only thing I wanted to see, the Prima Porta Augustus was NOT on view. Because, yes, I would have happily paid to get into the Vatican for the PPA ONLY and skipped M and his overly-muscled Adam. I also worried the docents at the British Museum because I laid on the floor to look UP at the Elgin marbles. They weren't meant to be seen from the angle at which they are currently displayed. Twenty minutes on the floor, that's all I ask! Meanwhile there are whole WINGS I've never seen.


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