Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back in Denmark

I would write about how much I hate traveling, but love arriving (especially when my Dane comes to pick me up at the airport as a SURPRISE!) except that there is a PHENOMENAL summer storm going on.

I love summer storms.

I am not so big on thunder... but for some reason, when I know I am safe and sound in my home, I can really enjoy it (although as I sit here I keep jumping at every crash and boom).

I'm not the most romantic person I know, but when I was little I used to dress in my mom's nylon nightgowns (you know, the clingy ones) and run around outside in the summer rain while flailing my arms in dramatic gestures. I'd often call out to the cats, having no "lost love" to search for. I was more into the drama than the romance, I think. And I really liked the summer mud between my toes.

I was a weird child.

Now I have the urge to go stand in the rain, barefoot, and laugh at the sky.

But I am totally going to skip the nightgown bit.


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Welcome back.

    I love thunderstorms. Grew up in a tropical country with monsoon overtook the weather for 6 months, I was always looking forward to the refreshing rain.

    It's probably something that I miss the most (apart from the food!) since I moved to DK

  2. Yep, we can tell you are happy to be home. Yalla, go romp in the mud and rain!

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Can't wait fot the storm to come our way too! I have actually taken a bar of soap out into rainstorms and had a real au natural bath. Excellent!

  4. Welcome home! We had a bitchin' storm a few days back and poor Max thought the roof was going to come down on his head. Poor bugger hid under the bed. But all this rain is so good for our grass! So how green is the green looking??

  5. Velkommen tilbage hjem!!! I am certain that your Dane was VERY GLAD to have you back home!!!

    Cannot wait to see you again!

  6. Welcome back to Denmark! :-)

  7. Welcome home!

    We ran out laughing in the rain last weekend - without clothes on... Kids had great fun!

  8. The only storms I've loved were in Belize where everything happens so quickly. The rain is lumpy and warm. The sky exciting and the heat makes it all so different from rain in Denmark or Scotland.


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