Monday, July 20, 2009

Drug seeking

Ah, those allergies. Just when you think you've got the balance of drugs to tissue right, something will change.

It's been raining here in Denmark. Rain normally minimizes the allergies. You know, smashes the pollen into the ground. But not this year. This year I think my allergies have decided to be proactive and behave as if I'm always being subjected to pollen, just to save time.

What is it with my immune system? Why does it hate pollen so? It's not like pollen is out lurking behind some bush getting ready to leap out, steal my purse and knife me in the bargain. Why can't we get along?

I've tried having a stern talk with my immune system. But it keeps insisting that the pollen is a virus attempting to invade my body. It says that I'll be glad for it overreacting when the body snatchers come and only those with overactive immune systems will be prepared and only the sneezers will survive.

I think it's being a little over dramatic. And having a stuffy head already makes me feel like a pod person.

But I must say I am getting very good at getting allergy medication in different countries. It helps if you have the box with the drug in question written on the side. Because no everyone can say "pseudoephedrine hydrochloride" let alone SPELL it.

Pseudoephedrine is a fabulous drug. It clears up the sinus like nothing else and can take a barely functioning archaeogoddess dying of sinus congestion in the field to a perky alert and downright spunky archaeogoddess digging machine in just over half an hour. In the US, where they worry about these things, pseudoephedrine is a controlled substance... by controlled I mean you have to show identification and fill out a little book just to get a small packet of the damn things. I can tell you, when your head is going to fall off your shoulders and go rolling down the street, the last thing you want to do is bend over and sign a form saying that you will not make methamphedamines with said medication. Dude! You think I may waste this precious product on making something that I couldn't snort up THIS NOSE if I wanted to!?! Honestly!!

Israel was pretty nice about it. No signing anything, but I couldn't buy more than 30 pills at a go. I didn't bother to ask for more than one pack in Denmark, I was just ecstatic that I could get 24 pills for 64 dkk!!

Bless you Denmark and your generic medication!!

I really ought to go see the doctor and have a little chat about my options allergy-wise. Shots? Different medication? Holes in the head? Hypnosis?? But if they want to take blood for an allergy test it means I have to dry.... for two days. Gnugh. Why don't you just ask me to stop drinking coffee while you are at it!? Kill me, go on!!

Until then, I'll just continue to trot down to the pharmacy every month for my pill popping needs. At least until winter when I have 5 blessed months sans sneezing (except those weeks around Christmas because I am rather allergic to Christmas trees).

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  1. someone who suffers immensely from allergies, I appreciate that last cartoon. :-)


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